newly married couple at Winstanstow Village Hall

Wistanstow Village Hall, in the heart of South Shropshire, is quite an amazing place.  I had a totally brilliant, and wonderful day with this gorgeous couple, along with all their family and friends.

Not only that I got to witness a brilliant mobile burger bar!! Burger flippin amazing!

Bride and Groom: Allie + Alex

What a bloody lovely wedding….I say that so many times throughout a year, it just happens to be true, every single time. I have such a warm and wonderful collection of clients who seem to find their way to me. Along with all their families and friends, many of whom come back to me to capture their special days too, such a real fabulous feeling when that happens, it truly is. As a result, I have had so many joyous weddings, fond memories, laugh out loud moments and stunningly, no achingly, beautiful brides. Allie is no exception.

A Quintessential Village Hall Wedding

Allie and Alex are part of that wonderful collection I really hold dear. Their gorgeous day in Wistanstow Village Hall will always be special to me, not for anything out of the ordinary….it rained. Nothing really strange there, after all, it is the UK.  They walked to the reception hall…in the rain. Allie smiled, the broadest and most beautiful of smiles, all day long. She just looked so amazing in her beautiful and incredible Pronovias wedding dress. What a truly wonderful bride she made. The Village Hall had been lovingly decorated by Allie and Alex, obviously enlisting the help of a few close friends and family to bear the burden. Making this lovely old Village Hall look pretty darn incredible too.

I don’t get too many weddings in village halls it has to be said, but after Allie and Alex’s I do hope that changes.

Please do take your time to look through this gorgeous wedding. It is just so lovely. The Burger bar at the end is worthy of a mention too. Really good, burger flipping juicy burgers!!  And remember, if you are looking for a Wistanstow Village Hall Wedding Photographer, please do come and have a chat.