2015, A Vintage Year of Shropshire Wedding Photography

..or Blimey…that was one heck of a year!

Thornton Manor wedding photographer captured by PbArtWorks award winning Shropshire Wedding Photography

Well we are here, a summary of my Shropshire Wedding Photography all in one post, along with a few from just over the borders too 🙂

It’s amazing to think that I have finally reached the end of all my 2015 weddings and what an amazing journey it has been. A real rollercoaster of good times and great times, I have revisited many old favourites in the past 12 months and visited many new favourites too. 2015 has been an incredible year for me, a truly vintage one!! I have so many wonderful images and weddings to share with you guys and many more to come for 2016, including a wonderful trip to Spain which I will make sure I blog in it’s entirety, that will be one amazing adventure.

What struck me over this past 12 months, apart from the ever changing watermark / come logo, yes…I do have issues making my damn mind up, but I think I have settled on a new logo now, well for the next few weeks anyway, is just what a blessed life I lead, I work alongside some of the most beautiful people I have ever had the pleasure to meet and I capture them and their loved ones for all eternity.

I do this with a soul that is wrapped up in distant memories that I hold dear, those of my family, my loved ones that are still here, and those who’s voices I miss every single day.

Photography is an art in the truest sense of the meaning, it is about capturing the essence of a moment in time, the feelings, the smiles, the tears….then having that moment portrayed through a two dimensional graph of light, printed into a book, viewed on a screen or hung on a wall.

As time passes those moments, those memories, will become more precious…it is that what you are purchasing when you commission a photographer, to me, that is priceless.

I can only thank everyone who has entrusted your memories to pbartworks for being such fabulous people to get to know, I now count you all as dear friends, for being part of our year and for making one old artisan a happy chap, and not just my wedding couples either, a special thank you must also go out to my commercial clients, my studio clients and my ever supportive network of industry associates, some of whom have been so complementary to me, and that is also, priceless.

Please be a little patient as this is rather a long post…so there may be a little delay in some of the images loading….but I think it’s worth waiting for 🙂


AJ 183Shropshire Wedding Photography with a beautiful brideAJ 676Sweeney Hall wedding photographer Phil Barrett BA(hons) With the bride and her sistersAP 202Shropshire Wedding Photography of a beautiful bride at Combermere AbbeyCombermere Abbey wedding photographerShropshire Wedding Photography AP 575AP 683Shropshire Wedding Photography with a beautiful bride and her groom at Combermere AbbeyShropshire Wedding Photography with a bride and groom in a stunning sunset at Combermere AbbeyCC 203Shropshire wedding photographerCP 170CP 428CP 724DJ 271DJ 315 2North Wales wedding photographerwedding photographer shropshireED 526EI 276EI 318wedding photographer shropshireEI 895EM 119EM 160wedding photographer shropshireEM 542EM 664EM 671wedding photographer shropshireER 664Iscoyd Park wedding photographer shropshireIscoyd Park wedding photographer shropshireFN 1575Iscoyd Park wedding photographer shropshirewedding photographer shropshireHS 432JC 239JC 597JC 677OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

JR 224JR 313JR 326JR 453JR 455JR 510JR 631KC 139KC 417KC 602KC 753KC 801OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

KP 1143KP 1329KP 1913LA 239LA 423LA 493LA 526LA 540LA 549LA 982LD 257LD 845LL 1209LL 1433LL 1496LL 1575LL 1694LL 1808LL 1821LP 192LP 245LP 325LP 350LP 530LP 583LP 642LP 686LP 709LP 846LS 384LS 486LS 686LS 742LS 820LT 696NM 153NM 248NM 317NM 424NM 666NM 705NM 963NM 981NM 1124NT 245NT 533NT 673NT 685NT 696 2RA 198RA 704RA 714RI 1176RI 1207RI 1356RI 1360RI 1645RI 1695RI 1948RP 167RP 221RP 370RP 572RP 751 2RR 13RR 209RR 297RR 324RR 561RR 735RS 500RS 670RS 847RS 965RW 475RW 544RW 603RW 812RW 820SD 1442SJ 218SJ 332SJ 396SJ 552SJ 857SL 1146SL 1249SL 1519SL 1522SL 1592SL 1769SN 255SN 819SL 1691DJ 1392 editCP 870LA 789KP 1813 2DJ 1186LA 317SL 1667CP 249CP 717
EM 651CP 716SL 1670LA 323RI 1831LA 787FN 1557FN 1130CP 552FN 1429KP 1365CP 581NM-925OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

CP 433
RI 1370EM 529KP-1056
KP 1719

Goldstone Hall WeddingAlbright Hussey Wedding

What a year…if you would like to chat to Phil about your special day…please feel free to contact us using the contact button above, pop over to facebook

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Look forward to hearing all about your special day and hopefully working with you.

Venues Featured above include

The Sweeney Hall

Comberemere Abbey

Iscoyd Park

Thornton Manor 

Albright Hussey

Albrighton Hall