Wendy and Richard : Pre Wedding Experience : Llangollen

Wendy and Richard
A Lesson In Living Life




This was one of those days where I needed something, anything, to pick me up and shake me awake…..I had just finished a hectic two weeks of amazing weddings, and I felt totally drained….exhausted, after 7 weddings, working 12 hours each,  I just really wanted to do anything but go out and shoot more pictures.

But am I glad I did.

This was a wonderful elightening experience of fun, laughter and madness….exactly what I needed to drag me awake and slap me around the proverbial chops.

Let’s do this was Richard’s cry as he flew into the heather with Wendy by his side…

I learnt a lot from this beautiful couple….they reminded me of what it is to live….to be alive…to just let go and not give a care….we could all take something away from such encounters with beautiful people.

I left their sides wanting more….more of their infectious joy for life more of the stunning countryside, the cool wind and the misty rain.

I really cannot wait for their wedding day 🙂


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