North Wales Wedding Photographer

Words escape me to describe the wedding day of this amazing couple….I knew something rather special was on the cards after their pre wedding experience shoot….if you’ve not seen it…please do check it out HERE

Wendy and Richard taught me a valuble lesson on their pre wedding shoot….it taught me to once again live in the moment…live a full life and enjoy it to the max. That feeling, that living life to the full was very much

evident at their wedding day too. I am not going to ramble on, as I am a great believer in letting images do the talking…so here they are.

A lesson in life….live it, feel it…enjoy it…with your family and your friends, so amazing was their wedding day, so relaxed and ever so slightly mad (in a good way) that I will always treasure being part of it.

Thank you so much Wendy and Richard for allowing me to be part of an experience I will always look back on with amazing fondness.



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