Here is a collection of just some of my favourite images, these have each been the result from a collaboration that has taken weeks, sometimes months, to nurture. It is a journey I embark on with every couple, and making you feel relaxed and at ease is one of the biggest assets any photographer can bring to your special day…I like to think I manage that pretty much every time.

As one couple put it…

“…your ability to make a couple feel that their big day is just as important to you is a truly special one…”

Creative, Soulful and Honest....these are the images I love

It's Wedding Photography...Just Not Quite As You Know It.

My ethos has remained that of a trained observer for many years now, my reluctance to conform, to take the easy path has always been part of what makes me….me.  My artistic skills that are so prevailing in my work means I cannot, and will not, shy away from capturing something truly special.

This is what is so authentic and so unique about my work. I believe in being as truthful and honest as I can, images should speak to you, say something about you and yours, provoke a memory, or an emotional reaction.

These are the images I strive to capture at every wedding. Images that tell your story, your way, every step of the way.

PbArtWorks, for your journey.

LOVE it...FEEL it...RELIVE it....Real Weddings