Shropshire Wedding Photography

More Than Just A Slice Of Cake!

What do you want to see when you look back at your wedding photographs?

I have been shooting and capturing weddings for over 10 years now, and over that time I have grown to love images that are honest and authentic, not staged and false. I so want you to feel right back at your wedding. To be transported back, in years to come, to see Grandma up against a window, waving….pulling a face. The tears of joy as your Father sees his beautiful daughter for the first time in her amazing, dress.  Those moments are so precious, that they cannot be staged, and neither should they be.

Those images, alongside some of the more artistic images are what I strive to capture at each and every wedding. 

Here is a collection of just a some of my favourite images that show a true flavour of what I create for my couples. I hope you love these as much as I do. If so, then please do get in touch and maybe we can embark on a journey to capture your wedding, your special day, in a beautiful, natural, authentic, and creative, way.

It's Wedding Photography...Just Not Quite As You Know It.

My ethos as a Wedding Photographer has remained that of a trained observer for many years now, my reluctance to conform, to take the easy path has always been part of what makes me….me.  My artistic skills that are so prevailing in my work means I cannot, and will not, shy away from capturing something special.

This is what is so authentic and so unique about my work. I believe in being as truthful and honest as I can, images should speak to you, say something about you and yours, provoke a memory, or an emotional reaction. These are the images I strive to capture at every wedding.

Images that tell your story, your way, every step of the way.

LOVE it...FEEL it...RELIVE it....Real Weddings

The Extras

Photography and Videography Package

New for 2018 a fantastic way to get the most amazing photography alongside an equally amazing videographer. For more information about our hand picked associates, please check out this following link:



Love Shoots

I  do like to grab some frames with my couples before the big day too....pre wedding shoots are an amazing way to get to know me...and more importantly, for me to get to know you guys too.

These are fast furious and FUN!!


Real Moments