The Thornton Manor Wedding Of Vicki and James

the happy couple share a kiss in front of the heart shaped tree at Thornton Manor


Thornton Manor Wedding Photography


This is a bucket list kinda thing for me, I absolutely adore Thornton Manor weddings and when Vicky and James asked me along to capture their big day and provide their Thornton Manor Wedding Photography,  I jumped at the chance. A stunning bride her handsome fella, and Thornton Manor, it would be rude not to. I love it here, it has so many beautiful aspects to the grounds that it is crazy good. Trouble is, the weather. Yes, good old UK weather, it didn’t stop raining all day, apart from when it needed to, for about 20 minutes and in that time, all those shots you see here, the ones in the gardens, the confetti shot and a few family formals, were all captured. It has to be among the fastest I have worked ever. It was pretty bleak at times, I am just so happy Vicky and James put their faith and trust in me.

On that note, about the weather, here’s a few words from the gorgeous Vicky herself:


I truly believe your wedding photographer is one of the most important choices a bride-to-be can make, as it moulds how you remember your day in the years and decades to come, and my memories are only wonderful. 

” I think it’s pretty normal to have wedding jitters, will our weather hold out…will our guests have a great day…what might go wrong and will it affect how we enjoy the day. One thing I never worried about was Phil, we had seen Phil shoot another wedding for our friends and were blown away with how he had portrayed what we remembered as a drizzly, grey day, into stunning moody shots. From our first interactions and meeting with Phil he was amazing, he was always prompt with emails, and gave us really great advice in the run up to the wedding day, and we felt relaxed with him from the very first moment.

Phil was with us from the very start of the day, he made all my bridesmaids feel so calm and comfortable, and really got the essence of the getting ready part- the first flutters of excitement, finally seeing everyone in their dresses, and seeing the image of the wedding I always wanted, coming into fruition.

I must have tried on hundreds of dresses before I found my dream dress, I had such a clear picture of the style I wanted, and it definitely wasn’t a meringue! My dress was made by designer Riki Dalal, and their London flagship store were able to custom make it for me. I loved the shape of it, the curve and flow. It made me feel beautiful, and it was quite different from dresses I had seen elsewhere. Phil worked with the silhouette of the dress so well, he captured the essence of the dress. When I look back at those photographs I get a little giddy feeling- that was my perfect day, that was my perfect dress, and I got to marry my best friend feeling absolutely amazing!

The wedding day went so fast- what a cliche! But Phil was our own mini co-ordinator, and the time with him allowed us to actually focus on each other. I had an amazing day, but some of the most important memories I have are of my husband and I taking alone time, and Phil captured that beautifully.

We are extremely grateful to Phil, I truly believe your wedding photographer is one of the most important choices a bride-to-be can make, as it moulds how you remember your day in the years and decades to come, and my memories are only wonderful.

Vicki x


I cannot express how grateful I was to read these kind words from one of the world’s most beautiful and kind, human beings. Thank you Vicky, I will always be grateful for the opportunity you gave to me, for the trust and the faith….and my memories are only wonderful…wow, I am going to have to get that printed on a T shirt or something.

Here’s a few images from Vicky and James’s beautiful wedding day, I hope you enjoy looking through these as much as I did capturing them. If you are considering me for Thornton Manor Wedding Photography then please do get in touch and perhaps I can capture you some memories that are also wonderful 🙂



the beautiful bride in her stunning dress showing off the incredible detailthe bride makes her way down the stairs the bride makes her way down the stairs at her parental home bridesmaids making their way down the stairs on their way to the weddingguests start arriving at St Mary's Church for the wedding ceremonythe groom arrives at St Mary's Church in Mold ahead of his weddingtwo groomsmen holding order of services await the arrival of guestsa guest holds out a copy of the wedding ceremony order of service two guests walking towards the church ready for the start of the weddingthe groom welcomes guests at St Mary's church in mold bridesmaids arriving at the Church the bride arrives at the Church for the wedding ceremonythe bride is escorted to the church whilst being shielded from the rain by umbrellasThe bride makes her way to the Church while being protected from the rain with umbrellasthe bride climbs the steps to St Mary's Church in Mold for her wedding ceremony the bride is escorted by her brothers as they walk down the aisle to join her groom the bride looks on lovingly at her groom as they exchange their vowsthe groom signs the register the bride signs the register as the groom and priest look onthe bride and groom prepare to leave the church after being marrieda guest gives the bride a hug as they stand in the church entrance sheltering from the rainWedding guests sheltering from the rain with brollies the newlyweds pet Labrador is brought to St Mary's Church The newlyweds great their pet Labrador at the Churchthe groom gets a kiss off his pet Labrador as the bride looks on the bride and groom make their way from the church into a waiting car the happy couple take a short walk to the waiting wedding car the happy couple share an intimate moment before leaving for their wedding reception at Thornton Manorthe bride and groom enjoy a kiss and a glass of champagne at Thornton Manorthe wedding car creates a frame for the bride and groom as they enter Thornton Manor the guests line up to throw the wedding confetti over the happy couplethe happy couple are showered with confetti by their wedding gueststhe happy couple are covered in confetti by their guests at Thornton Manortwo guests empty bags of confetti over the happy couple the bride and her bridesmaids enjoy a few moments of fun at the wedding receptionthe tables and decorations of the wedding reception at Thornton Manorthe bride and groom check out the wedding reception decorations beautiful cherry blossom trees adorn the wedding reception at Thornton Manorthe amazing ceiling at Thornton Manor where the wedding reception was heldthe bride and groom take a few minutes out in the grounds of Thornton Manorthe beautiful bride and her groom taking some time to walk around the wedding venue groundsthe bride smiles broadly at her groom as they walk among the trees at Thornton Manorthe newlyweds walk towards an opening in the gardens on their wedding daythe groom helps his bride down some steps in the gardens of Thornton Manora helping hand from the groom to his beautiful bride as she holds onto her wedding bouquet the happy couple take the chance to walk around the grounds of their wedding venue in Liverpoola gentle kiss is given to the groom from his beautiful bride the groom laughs and smile broadly as his beautiful bride looks proudly on the beautiful bride and her handsome groom take some time to hold hands and enjoy being marriedthe bride and groom hold hands and show off their new wedding ringsthe happy newlyweds hold hands and smile at each other the bride holding her beautiful bouquet as the groom looks on the bride and her groom have a hug while the bride holds onto her wedding flowersthe bride's jewelry and her wonderful wedding bouquet take centre stage as the groom holds her tightlythe groom tenderly kisses his bride on the forehead the bride and groom share a beautiful intimate moment underneath the trees at Thornton Manor the bride and groom look at each other in front on a row of trees in the gardens of Thornton Manor a gentle kiss is shared as the bride and groom stand in front of a heart shaped tree at Thornton Manorthe bride leads her groom back to the wedding reception Thornton Manor is the perfect backdrop to the bride and groom as they walk through the gardensThe stunning bride and her groom in front of Thornton Manor the bride and groom make their entrance into the wedding receptiona guest cheers and claps as the bride and groom take their seatsa toast is given to the happy couple as the wedding speeches startthe bride wolf whistles during the wedding speeches a guest is caught in tears at the wedding reception the groom starts his speech at the wedding reception guests are caught laughing during the wedding reception speeches the bride and groom both join in the hilarity at the wedding reception the groom and bride look on as the best man starts his speechthe groom laughs loudly as the guests listen to the best man's speecha moment of quiet reflection as the groom listens to his best man's speech the bride tenderly touches the grooms arm during the wedding reception speeches the best man raises a toast to the happy couple Thornton Manor makes the perfect backdrop for the bride and groom a beautiful monochromatic image of the bride and groom by a window the evening party is started with the bride and groom taking to the dance floor guests look on as the bride and groom enjoy their first dance the bride and groom are surrounded by their family and friends as they enjoy their first dance of the evening reception the bride and groom embrace on the dancefloor at Thornton Manor