Llyswen Hall Bridal Shoot

The beautiful Ryoko, and her groom, Takuya had got in touch with me via Fearless Photographers. A friend who happens to be another Fearless wedding photographer passed them onto me when he was unable to commit to their shoot.  Massive thanks to you, Tony.  If you have no idea who, or what, Fearless are….then please check this post out for more information about this amazing group.

My First Fearless Award

When I arrived, after nearly two hours of driving, I was informed it was to be primarily a bridal shoot, so just images of the stunning Ryoko were to be captured. I also had to work at quite some speed as they were about to leave for London.

No pressure then!

All of these were taken using natural light. I had zero time to fuss around with lights, and as I was on my own, working fast was imperative to getting the images.


Hope you like 🙂