Soughton Hall Wedding

Steve and Angela A Soughton Hall Wedding Day Story

Soughton Hall Wedding

It’s hard, gauging someones special day, trying to take into account all the factors of capturing a story, whilst balancing it with a tender and thoughtful approach that is neither to relaxed, nor to controlling….to allow events to unfold as naturally as possible without intervention. Yet make sure all those boxes are ticked….the right moments caught and the relationships between family members, friends and guests, are all captured. This is the dilemma that faces me at every wedding.

The striking the balance dilemma

(now there’s an idea for another blog entry)

My style towards wedding photography is to do just that, to strike that balance, and with Steve and Angela’s wedding it was imperative to make sure my more thoughtful documentary work was the overriding factor here. There are some images that are so powerful, that resonate so deeply with this engaging and wonderful couple, that I just could not wait to get this one up on the diary. It is my first one of 2017 and is one heck of a way to kick start another amazing year. One that will see me capturing a beautiful couple’s special day in Jersey as well as venturing all over mainland UK too….it’s going to be another brilliant, and amazing year. One I am thoroughly looking forward to.

When I sent Angela and Steve the link to their images, I always text/email or message my couples to make sure they have had no issues in downloading them…I had a text message back from Angela.

“Hi Phil ! Yes we have indeed ! … after I poured over them and cried A LOT ! Needed to make dinner …..
Oh my God . What can we say ?? They are stunning ! The ones of my mum are heartbreaking and so so precious. I cannot thank you enough …”

This really did make me smile so hard…it is what, as a story teller, I live for.

Soughton Hall is an amazing place, it was my first visit there and I do hope it will not be my only one. If you are looking for a creative, story telling photographer then please do get in touch. In the meantime….enjoy some magical moments from this amazing, beautiful wedding.

Angela and Steve, A Soughton Hall Wedding Day Story

Soughton Hall Wedding