Ade and Rachael’s

Beautiful Albright Hussey Wedding

Albright Hussey Wedding Photography


Ade and Rachael enjoying some beautiful light at their albright hussey shropshire wedding photographyThe world of Shropshire Wedding Photography has exploded over the last few years with an amazing array of choice and diversity available to the discerning bride and groom, so it is always a real honour and privilege to be asked by a couple to capture their special day. Ade and Rachael’s day was so typical of my weddings, I do seem to attract the most loveliest of people. Not only were they so engaging on their wedding day, so sincere and so damn polite, they were actually quite good fun too.

shropshire wedding photographer phil barrett with bride and groom aboard Herbie

All Aboard Herbie

A very rare self portrait with Ade and Rachel….and Paul Subbiani, the owner of the amazing Albright Hussey Manor Hotel.

All the day’s proceedings were carried out at the Albright Hussey, where I am a recommended supplier, and came on a very beautiful late summer’s day last September. The sun was shining, the adjacent fields had been harvested and the bales of straw, as I arrived, caught my eye…

bride and groom at the albright hussey, with shropshire wedding photographer Phil Barrett

As the day turned to dusk, the most beautiful of scenes unfolded and with total, and utter, dedication to the cause, Ade, Rachael and her bridesmaids made one last trip to capture these incredible images.

creative shropshire wedding photographystorytelling shropshire wedding photographyfun and artistic shropshire wedding photographygorgeous shropshire wedding photography with a bride and groom at albright hussey manor hotelshropshire wedding photography

Albright Hussey really does have some spectacular images for the more creative photographer to deliver to their couples. If you are considering getting married in Shropshire, then please do consider getting in touch. I am always happy to have a chat over a cuppa, in the meantime, here are some more images from this amazing wedding. Massive thanks to Paul and his team at The Albright Hussey and to all the family and friends of Rachael and Ade, you guys are totally amazing.



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As a really old school sentimentalist I often talk about this moment, be it Father, Mother, Brother, Sister….or in this case, Granddad, the moment of revealing. The person who is to walk you down the aisle to meet your groom sees you for the first time. This moment is a precious one.

documentary Shropshire Wedding Photography

Emotional Shropshire Wedding PhotographyTimeless, the way Rachael will be transported back to this very moment, day after day, month after month…year….is to me what wedding photography

is all about. Emotions, family, connections. 





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