The Bridal Party

Sarah’s Story

Andy and Sarah getting wind swept at the beautiful Delbury Hall with Shropshire Wedding Photographer PbArtWorks
As a Shropshire Documentary Wedding Photographer all my couples usually get their day’s covered from the start of the proceedings…this is to capture the story of their special day in it’s entirety, and is usually with the beautiful bride and her gorgeous bridesmaids. Sarah’s day started just like any other. Only it was so special, so uniquely her, that I have decided to dedicate a single post to her gorgeous preparation.

When I arrived Sarah and her bridesmaids were pretty much ready to go, their hair and makeup had been completed when I arrived. This was I felt, at the time, unfortunate, being ultra organised Sarah had made her plans to finish in good time, this simply meant I was to late (even though I was onsite in plenty of time, my usual 2 hours prior to the ceremony, I hasten to add) to capture the whole process. But once I saw the setting, the gorgeous dress…the whole ambience and depth of connection between Sarah and her parental home, that wonderful light , I knew then….that this was going to be something special. Just how special I really only came to realise as the day itself started to unfold.

This was to be one magical and beautiful, fun filled, wind swept, amazing day.

arah getting ready with Shropshire Documentary Wedding Photographer PbArtWorksSarah places her shoes by her dress, while Shropshire Documentary wedding photographer pbartworks captures the scene Sarah's pet dog captured by Shropshire Documentary Wedding Photographer pbartworksSarah with her Mum, While Shropshire Documentary wedding photographer pbartworks looks onShropshire Documentary Wedding Photographer pbartworks captures Sarah tending to her dress before leaving for Delbury Hall2016-11-16_00062016-11-16_00072016-11-16_00092016-11-16_00102016-11-16_00112016-11-16_00122016-11-16_00132016-11-16_00142016-11-16_00152016-11-16_00162016-11-16_00172016-11-16_00182016-11-16_00192016-11-16_00202016-11-16_00212016-11-16_00222016-11-16_00232016-11-16_00242016-11-16_00252016-11-16_00262016-11-16_00282016-11-16_00292016-11-16_00302016-11-16_00312016-11-16_00322016-11-16_00332016-11-16_00342016-11-16_00352016-11-16_00362016-11-16_00372016-11-16_00382016-11-16_00392016-11-16_00402016-11-16_00412016-11-16_00422016-11-16_00432016-11-16_00442016-11-16_00452016-11-16_00462016-11-16_00472016-11-16_00482016-11-16_00492016-11-16_00502016-11-16_0051