Shooters Hill Hall

Paul + Michelle


What can I say, what a beautiful couple these guys truly are….they are so made for each other, so easy, so relaxed and so chilled. What a day…and what a venue too. Shooters Hill Hall is AMAZING. Really….you guys need to check this place out.

Set in the heart of North Shropshire and a stones throw from my front door, this place really has to be seen. Ishbel has done her magic on this old hall and made it into one of Shropshire’s finest wedding venues around. She makes your day so easy to plan with all her team around her. Indeed working with Ishbel and Michelle and Paul was a highlight among many for me last year. Being based in Shropshire I get to see many of the finest wedding venues this beautiful county has to offer. Shooters Hill Hall has to be up there in my top 5.

I often ask how people find their way to me, especially when they are a fellow industry professional. These guys work alongside some of the best photographers around, so when Michelle got in touch my interest was really peeked. Michelle owns, and runs, a hair salon in Wonderful Wolverhampton. These guys know a thing or two about photographers, so I was so pleased when she booked me to cover her, and Paul’s big day. Michelle’s reply? Google ūüėČ

Guess she just trawled the web and decided I was the right one for her and Paul….if you have found your way here via the good old google Gods, please do take that next step and send me an email¬†via my contact form. Perhaps we can then go grab you some amazing images to remember your wedding day by.

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