Chester Pre Wedding Experience

Love these guys, so chilled and relaxed around each other they really are just….Yeah, sounding a little like that guy off Strictly there. But seriously these guys really are just two of the worlds most chilled peeps. Really love getting a few pre wedding experiences to do these days, they are so much fun, none of the time pressures of a wedding day, none of those other million and one things to do, just unadulterated….FUN!

But even more so when you get couples that are really into having their picture taken.I mean, how relaxed do these two look? Pretty darn relaxed, right? I cannot wait for their BIG day in December, and I do mean BIG. I am looking forward to my first Muslim wedding and I hear they are spectacular! Guess I had better get me some extra energy bars in, there are going to be quite a few guests to photograph, not to mention all those beautiful colours, the food, the music. I cannot wait!!

Shazia + Afthab



two guys walking through Chester with a wedding photographer in cheshire