North Wales and Shropshire Wedding Photography

A Thundery Ellesmere Wedding



What a day of contrast this was, a perfect wedding with the most amazing thundery skies. All across the country people witnessed these storms, the likes of which I’m pretty sure we have not seen for a long time, and most likely won’t see again for quite a while.

Given the heat of the Summer we all enjoyed, this was indeed on the more cooler side of things. Thankfully the wedding was simply just beautiful, the marquee was stunningly decorated and the service was to be held in my own hometown of Ellesmere, at the incredible, Ellesmere College. 

All this was just perfect and rightly so, with Sarah making for an  amazingly beautiful bride and a very sincerely gorgeous one too.

Alongside her was her equally wonderful partner, Alastair, and their lovely little daughter, Ottilie.

Here a massive thunderclap drew our short “couple” session to a close…we could see the dark ominous clouds gathering, and the distant rumbles…then suddenly it was overhead….BOOM!!!!

The Storm Passes


As the clouds and rain departed, we were left with the most amazing mists, as a car drove along the road behind them, this was the effect, pure magic!


This was one of the last images from this evening walk, and to this day remains one of my firm favourites too, Sarah and Alastair wanted their photography to be relaxed and informal but also slightly creative. I do hope you guys feel they got exactly what they longed for, I know they have some beautiful moments to treasure and to look back on in years to come.

I will leave you to enjoy the remaining images I have selected to show off this gorgeous couples amazing Shropshire wedding. If you are interested in chatting about your own special day, please do get in touch.

Phil x