Qualified Shropshire Wedding Photographer

Phil Barrett BA(hons) LMPA

What does “Qualified Shropshire Wedding Photographer” mean exactly?  I am sure you guys are probably thinking. Well today I had the fantastic honour of a panel of my work being assessed by a jury of my peers, the best of the best in the photographic industry, the Masters.

I am so pleased to now have the formal accreditation awarded to me for my work. Phil Barrett BA(hons) LMPA, the Licentiate, or LMPA, is the first rung on an incredibly hard ladder to climb, unlike some “qualifying” bodies, where awards and qualifications are handed out for the price of membership, the Master’s really does have to be earned. Through hard work and consistency over many periods of time. It requires the submission of a panel of images, 20 in total, with 10 being from one wedding and the remaining 10 from at least 6 others. Getting those images ready for the judges to scrutinise was probably the hardest task of all…along with my working profile (more on this later) the whole body of work had to then be submitted for appraisal.

Today, at the MPA annual meeting, I was sitting, very nervously, awaiting their decision…my nerves were pretty much shot to be honest, having some of the countries top photographers pouring over your work and scoring it was not a pleasant experience. When I did my degree, just a few short years ago, I never felt this amount of pressure, or anxiety…after all, these guys are some of the best in the world of photography .

After what seemed like an eternity I was called through to receive my fate,there on the judging wall were my 20 images, all lined up, laid naked and open for critique, to say I felt vulnerable is an understatement, but I know, going through this process gives me the very best of improvement opportunities that benefit ALL my couples. It is for them that I did this and subjected myself to this rigorous process.Thankfully I aced it, my panel, although not without fault, was well received. I was relieved, knowing all my hard work, all my dedication to my craft, had paid off. I now have the seal of approval from the fantastic MPA and with that qualification my couples know that when they book me as their Shropshire Wedding Photographer, or indeed as a studio or commercial photographer too, that my work has been assessed to the highest of standards and deemed worthy to be included among the Masters.

I am chuffed to bits


The first section is from a single wedding, this was the most challenging aspect from the panel submission, trying, on your own, to select 10 images that answered all the criteria set out by the MPA was tough going, in the end I settled on the beautiful wedding of Catherine and Rob at Wrenbury Hall , a stunning venue, just a short drive away from the gorgeous mereside Church of Marbury where Rob and Catherine were to be married.
1 2 4 3 5 6 7 8 9 a10

These remaining 10 images were all shot at various venues, apart from one private wedding, where I am either recommended or have worked many times. Each speaks of their own beautiful moments in time, each has a special place in my life and each was a choice that was so difficult to make. I could have included so many others, all equally beautiful all equally special.

a11 a12 a13 A peckforton castle bride makes her way down the aisle, taken by Qualified Shropshire Wedding Photographer Phil Barrett BA(hons) LMPA The signing of the marriage register by Qualified Shropshire Wedding Photographer Phil Barrett BA(hons) LMPA A timeless and beautiful bridal portrait by Qualified Shropshire Wedding Photographer pbartworks A cheshire bride and groom being caught by Qualified Shropshire Wedding Photographer pbartworks as the brides veil wraps around her Stunning autumn colours with the bride and groom taken by Qualified Shropshire Wedding Photographer pbartworks at Comberemere Abbey A stunning sunset with a bride and groom at Combermere Abbey by Qualified Shropshire Wedding Photographer pbartworks a beautiful sunset shot of a bride and groom captured by Qualified Shropshire Wedding Photographer pbartworks

I cannot thank my couples for their faith in me, their trust and their dedication in allowing me to work my magic.

Thank you

Phil Barrett BA(hons) LMPA