Pistyll Rhaeadr

North Wales Wedding Photographer

Jenni + Mark


It’s been a while since I last looked at this amazing wedding, I  just had to drag this one from my archives and blog it, such is the draw of this amazing couple. At a recent wedding fayre the dreaded question came up. What if it rains? Well we get all creative and use that rain to add some real wow to your wedding photographs. I love to embrace whatever the weather throws up at us, and massive kudos goes to Jenni who was so determined to get up to Pistyll Rhaeadr. She and her Bridesmaids set off and along the way created one of my favourite images…ever. Massive thank you to you guys.

During this wedding it rained…proper wet pouring down rain too. So much so I was actually drenched. So too was one of my cameras, so much so that in the reception it actually died on me. It’s great to know I have spares with me at all times. Anyone who has been seen me at a wedding will know I do come prepared…with at least 3 cameras at all times! Yes I know, mad. But essential being a prime lens shooter as I have no way of zooming in or out, to frame the shot. Luckily the camera did eventually dry out and resurrected itself.

So here you have a wedding, in the beautiful North Wales countryside….set right next to the stunning Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall, with the heavens absolutely thrashing it down.

What could possibly go wrong?

Nothing….just amazing, beautiful imagery.