For me a  wedding is all about the people, the connections, the emotions, the real beauty that is human nature. Getting deep beneath the skin is what a good reportage photographer can do. Creating images that will take your clients back to the very moments captured. 

This is one day, a day that will open your heart as well as your eyes.

Indian bride has a tearful goodbye from a guest during her wedding reception


There are so many courses out there that allow you to build “portfolio” images, to be a clone of someone else’s work and then present those images to potential clients. Well this really isn’t that. What this will allow you to be is the very best version of you that you can possibly be. I have worked for over 12 years capturing weddings all over Europe, amassing over 500 weddings in that time. This will be my opportunity to share with you some of the experience I have. So come on a journey with me, learn how I “see” moments, to anticipate and position myself for “that” perfect shot, to “shoot through” the moment and in turn deliver images that have a real truth all of their own.

This is an opportunity to grow your mind.

This is a relaxed and informal bespoke (non shooting)  1-1 or 1-2 to be completed in a single session, although a second day can be added for an additional charge.

Here’s a quick run down of what I will attempt to cover with you guys, how you take and apply what I show you is, ultimately, down to you. Please feel free to pick and choose the subjects you feel are most appropriate to you:

  • You start with a Q&A session, how did I start, how do I get my bookings, sales pitch (is there one?) following up emails, calls and so on. Essentially the down and dirty of being successful and growing that success.
  • You get my full attention for up to 5 hours, with dedicated input, a portfolio critique, as well as a walk through of a complete wedding from start to finish.
  • You will get a copy of my legal papers to take away and edit to your own tastes. On this note please remember, a contract is just an agreement, it should be fair and reasonable at all times.
  • You get tea / coffee and a light lunch
  • You will get a website appraisal (if you have one) as well as some general SEO pointers.
  • You get access to my Facebook Group – PbArtSchool – Where I will encourage you to post images up for appraisal, questions can be asked here too.
  • OCF and all it means, this will be a non practical examination of the art of Off Camera Flash. I am at odds with those that offerup stylised shoots, what I will offer is a set of “idiot” proof settings for you to go and create some art that is all you.
  • KIT I will talk you through what I use, how I use it and the choices I make.
  • Editing – this is a massive one, I will touch on what my workflow is and cover some editing basics, but if you require a full day on this aspect please advise. 

So What’s it going to  cost?

For One Person


Second Day


Bringing a Friend?


Second Day



This is a “non shooting” opportunity that I will offer to all those undertaking my 1-1 or 1-2 programme above. There are some reasons for this, mainly, as you will be interfacing with my clients, I will need to know a little bit about you beforehand. Also doing the programme above will give you a better understanding of how I work prior to seeing me at a wedding. You will have the opportunity to ask questions during the wedding reception, and we will also go through the wedding afterwards too, via skype, or on the phone etc. This will give you the opportunity to see me in action, understand what was happening and why, in short…it will bring together the above sessions and the application of the theory.

A lunch and refreshments will be provided.

People attending the two courses will have the chance of an opportunity to come and second shoot.

For One Day


Second Day


To book all payments are made in advance, once the date is confirmed we will then meet at a local office space where we will have refreshments supplied. If you sign up to the two days then for the second day we will be at a local venue where we will have a walk around, talk about photo opportunities, the positioning in certain aspects of the day, lens choices and so on. If you would like to add in any additional skill coverages, such as OCF, then these can be added later.

All the people on these courses will have the opportunity for a day of “Off Camera Flash”, with a real couple (they will be past clients) at a luxurious venue. This will only be open to those on the day courses and it really will be limited to just a handful of you guys, we will then explore how to create more softer, sympathetic, but equally stunning, pieces of art.

shropshire wedding photographer at Mill Barns

For more information please get in touch and let your journey begin.