Tyn Dwr Hall Wedding

The Unwanted Visitor

This year has seen a brand new venue, Tyn Dwr Hall, open it’s doors in North Wales, and I have been so lucky to make not one, but three visits there since August this year. My first visit was with Korina and Matt, the link to their amazing day is below. However, Paddy and Emma was my second visit, and along with them came an unwanted visitor….in the shape of storm Brian. I have no idea why we, the great UK started naming our storms. But at least we can now swear at them by name!

I do love a challenge and all the wonderful and amazing images rain can, and does, create for me. Images such as this beautiful reflection of Emma’s bridesmaids as they sat waiting for guests to go into the Church.
Storm Brian rages around the brides maids, captured by North Wales Photographer PbArtWorks 
Then there’s this gorgeous image of some of Emma’s Nephews as they set about the task of taking on storm Brian!Storm Brian rages around Tyn Dwr Hall, captured by North Wales Photographer PbArtWorks Whatever the weather, embrace it. After all it is your day, your story, come storm Brian or blazing sun….it really doesn’t matter.
Shropshire documentary wedding photographer captures image of bride
Be like children, they just get on with the job of having fun, as did Emma and Paddy. What a beautiful and refreshing day….LOVE it!

As promised here is a link to one of Korina and Matt’s posts. There are three in total, you’ll see why. Just hit this link and be transported into the amazing world of a summer’s day at Tyn Dwr Hall with Korina + Matt   . Just amazing!!

Also, as I am feeling pretty generous right now, here is a link to the first in a series of supplier spot lights. This is definitely one for the ladies. The brilliant, and ultra talented, MUA Nichola Witcombe-Tant, dispenses some fantastic advice on skin care and make up for weddings. Check this out > Beautiful You


I Look forward to hearing your thoughts on this and all my other work, so please do feel free to comment and thanks again for taking the time to come and have a look.