A Wedding Day Story

No flash please

I love nothing more than telling a story, for me a wedding day is a book…it has a beginning, a middle, and an end….and within those chapters are the pages. 

Candid Photography is about stepping out….taking a look back, anticipating and being ready, seeing the image before the image happens is key.

Observational moments.

Here Natalie is creating her own moment as she spies on her Husband to be and all their guests. I am sure over the years Natalie will look back at this image, recall how she felt…and remember it exactly as it was. That is the true power of photography….and the beauty of natural, unforced, story telling. Flash would kill the ambience, the atmosphere, the love, it would…trust me.



As the story progresses we move to the preparations for what is undoubtedly one of my own personal favourite parts of the day….the reveal. Wether this is to your Dad, Brother, Mother…best friend. Whomever…those first moments are always beautiful. 


Time To Lament 

A Window In Time

Documentary Wedding Photography