Aimee and Mike’s Beautiful Winter Wedding

Captured by Lion Quays Wedding Photographer

Phil Barrett

Bride and groom in Ellesmere shropshire captured by Lion Quays Wedding Photographer pbartworks

 A beautiful moment as husband and Wife by the side of Ellesmere’s mere in Shropshire

As a recommended Lion Quays Wedding Photographer it was fantastic to have my last wedding of 2016 there. The Lion Quays itself  had undergone an amazing makeover so I was really looking forward to seeing what the team there had done to it. Being a local “Ellesmereian” it was fantastic to actually work with one of the residents too. So when Aimee met me at a wedding fayre, hosted at the Lion Quays, I was really excited at the prospect of working not only at one of Shropshire’s premier venues, but also at my local Church, the magnificent St Mary’s.

Also featuring was my own local pub too…right next door to the Church entrance you will see the Red Lion. A great place to grab a bite to eat, not only was this a bonus but a jolly old jaunt down the famous “Love Lane” then onto the mere itself. Brilliant. A dream job in the sleepy old market town, what more could a creative, camera wielding, artisan, wish for.

The day started off, as so often is the case, over at Aimee’s parental home, full of childhood memories, decked out with all things Christmas, this was a beautiful place to start the day.
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Aimee’s brother get’s a helping hand from his Mum

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This is my favourite time of the day, a fleeting moment between Father and daughter, the reveal.

AM 229 AM 231 AM 233 AM 236

Once Aimee was ready it was time for her to meet Mike, who was patiently waiting at St Marys in Ellesmere.

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I do love getting something that is timeless, something that is more than an image, a picture that has it’s own voice.

Documentary Lion Quays Wedding Photographer PbArtWorks captures a candid portrait at St Marys Church

If hands could talk I wonder what stories they would tell…stories of love, of laughter, times of sorrow and tears. Illness, loss, long hours…pain and hurt, joy, a journey through life that spans decades. If you listen, look and “see” those beautiful amazing hands…you will hear all the stories they tell. Hands are so so beautiful and so full of life.


This was taken from a conversation I had from Aimee after she saw this image on my facebook page:

“My mum and auntie are in tears so emotional !!

…that was a really powerful image! I’ve never felt such emotion before… just amazing X”
That is the power of photography.


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After our brief visit to the beautiful St Marys and “Love Lane” it was down to the stunning Mere itself, a place so magical and so special it really is a fantastic area,

and to have a studio right by it’s side is truly a privilege.

AM 486 AM 495 AM 498 AM 502

Bride and Groom get photobombed by dog walkers in Ellesmere, Shropshire.

It’s not every day you see a bride and groom out for a country walk…what an amazing scene.

AM 515 AM 519

Then it was onwards to the ever fabulous Lion Quays, for reception drinks, some nibbles, a few group shots and the most amazing and incredible sunset, what a day, what a year. Massive thank you’s to all my couples, to Aimee and Mike and their friends and family, to the staff at the Lion Quays. You all made my last wedding of 2016 so memorable and so so special. Thank you each and everyone of you. But especially Aimee and Mike.

You guys are truly wonderful.


AM 524 AM 529 AM 574 Lion Quays Wedding Photography Lion Quays Wedding Photography Aimee and Mike enjoy their Lion Quays Wedding Photography with PbArtWorks Aimee and Mike enjoy their creative Lion Quays Wedding Photography outside the reception venue with PbArtWorks AM 602 AM 612 AM 635 AM 657 AM 661 beautiful and artistic Lion Quays Wedding Photography with Aimee and Mike image by PbArtWorks AM 682 AM 683 beautiful and artistic Lion Quays Wedding Photography with Aimee and Mike image by PbArtWorks AM 697 AM 705

beautiful and artistic Lion Quays Wedding Photography with Aimee and Mike image by PbArtWorks

What a way to end 2016, an amazing scene at the wonderful Lion Quays Waterside Resort.

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