Kyra and Phil : Peckforton Castle Wedding Photography

Words sometimes escape me to describe a wedding day such as this….amazing, beautiful….superlatives that mean so much but deliver so very little when attempting to convey such a day as Kyra and Phils. This was an emotional and stunning day set in the heart of Cheshire’s incredible Peckforton Castle…one that will stay with me for quite sometime, Phil and Kyra’s day had it all…from the first rays of early spring light…flooding through the majestic windows of the grand hall… right through to the quaint small church and the “no show” of the vicar who was supposed to be conducting their blessing. But fear not super guest stepped right up to the plate and conducted it for them. What an amazing twist of events….that made their special day, even more special! During the day my approach of stealth like Ninja was deployed and so to was that of my good friend Martin, who was alongside me…being my reliable and talented wing man for the day. He stood in and helped me to recompose myself after taking a tumble in the great hall… front of the 150+ guests that were watching as the happy newly weds were making their exit….a very embarressing, and painful experience. But, in the Bull Dog Spirit of getting on with things…on we went with the day…along with a limp and a bruised pride, and some help from my wingman Martin….Cheers fella 🙂 So if you guys, and gals, are looking for a slightly damaged, and ever so embarressed Shropshire documentary wedding photographer for your Peckforton Castle wedding…or anywhere else for that matter….do give me a quick shout, and I can tell you all the sorry details 🙂 But… we are…the pictures of this stunning and graceful wedding.



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