A Beautiful  & Relaxed North Wales Wedding

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Hattie + Sam

Well it’s back to the summer of ’17 for this coming together of two of the worlds most beautiful people. This stunning…amazing, joy filled wedding set in the heart of North Wales.  Relaxed and informal never ever looked so good. Keep it real they said….no posing…no awkward cheesy horrible clichéd wedding photographs. Just authentic, natural story telling please!

Ok. No problem. Don’t you just hate those “stale, old school, smile….click”….kind of pictures?  So too do I. So when I get to work with couples like Sam and Hattie it really is like all my dreams have come true….beautiful, fun, relaxed and so chilled. Perfect!

Hattie and Sam are just so lovely, they also live in the perfect world of beautiful rolling landscapes, stunning country lanes and they also get to work in the great outdoors too. So their wedding had to really say something about them, their families, and that great outdoors.  Happily it did.

The beautiful soft gorgeous flowers that were used throughout the wedding were so country garden, and mostly homegrown too. Harriet’s bouquet, and all the wedding flowers, were made to be deceptively simple, so much so that they were stunning.

Beautiful flower taken by North Wales Wedding Photographer

Never mind Hattie, who looks just amazing, check out those flowers, they are just so lush….fragrant and so delicate too. Hats off to Mrs Florist for being so amazing at what she does. 

On to the main course….the wedding photographs. Please do look through them, let me know what you guys think in the comments section below, I am truly interested in hearing peoples thoughts, and also…if there are any aspiring photographers out there, have a little look….tell me what you guys think. Also don’t be shy….ask away if you have any questions. I will be doing a blog on how I work….how I anticipate my next shot and how to look for those beautiful moments, those shapes and compositions.

So please, do enjoy the following images, I really am so proud of them and what I do. I always try my very best for all my couples, and striking THAT balance between capturing a wedding, telling the story and sitting back to allow things to happen naturally.

It’s tough, real tough!

Hope you like.


Details of a wedding taken by North Wales Wedding PhotographerNorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4001NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4003NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4007NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4014NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4018NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4028NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4032NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4040NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4049NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4050NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4063

NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4074NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4086 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4088 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4090 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4094 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4130 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4133 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4153 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4159 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4168 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4173 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4194 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4209 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4217 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4224 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4227 Arrival of bride taken by North Wales Wedding Photographer Phil Barrett NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4245 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4252 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4258 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4261 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4267 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4274 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4277 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4283 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4290 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4301 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4307 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4310 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4317

NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4330NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4346bride and groom led into prayer taken by North Wales Wedding Photographer Phil Barrett North Wales Wedding Photographer captures the signing of the register the signing of the register taken by North Wales Wedding Photographer Phil Barrett NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4363 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4366 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4374 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4379 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4383 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4392 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4399 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4432 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4439 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4442 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4443 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4453 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4461 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4463 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4472 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4474 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4478 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4492 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4495 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4499 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4502 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4512 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4521 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4526 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4530 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4540 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4548 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4549 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4566 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4568 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4572 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4579 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4582 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4583 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4611 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4620 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4631 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4640 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4647 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4692 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4694 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4698 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4734 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4747 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4753 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4755 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4757 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4779 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4793 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4798 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4802 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4805 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4808 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4809 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4820 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4822 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4879 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4880 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4940 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4975 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4976 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 4993 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 5003 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 5011 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 5012 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 5013 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 5014 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 5015 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 5048 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 5056 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 5060 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 5073 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 5076 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 5117 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 5153 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 5154 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 5161 NorthWalesWeddingPhotographer 5172

As promised….and thanks for getting all the way to the bottom…here is a little more info.

It is worth mentioning too that as you scrolled down the images you would have seen a letter, that letter was from Sam’s big brother. He is a serving soldier and was sadly unable to make Sam and Hattie’s wedding. Instead he sent a letter, that was read out by one of the guests, while his partner, the lady crying with the phone…. had Chris on facetime.


Here’s a beautiful Slide Show of Hattie and Sam’s wedding….press play, turn up the volume, and enjoy:

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Thank you once again for looking…reading and, hopefully….enjoying.