Emily & Olly

Emily and Olly

 Llyndir Hall Wedding

Llyndir Hall Wedding

Somethings in life are just “meant to be”….I am going to write more on this a little later….but suffice to say this past year has seen not only myself and another member of my family deal with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma (more on my own journey with NHL here > Me My Lump and I < )…..but this beautiful bride, whom came to see me last year, was also diagnosed, not with NHL….but with the far more aggressive Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Her wish was to walk down the aisle to stand by her groom….she battled against all the odds to do this…I am in total and utter admiration of this gorgeous young lady….and even though I have been staring at these images for what seems like an eternity……today, and I’m not afraid to admit it…I cried like a big baby.

Sometimes life just amazes me still.

The beautiful, amazing and inspiring Emily and her top fella, Olly….big blog post coming soon. In the meantime….prepare the hankies 🙂


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