Emily + Olly

Llyndir Hall Wedding Photography

First of all let me give a big shout out to this beautiful and amazing young lady who has my utmost deepest respect. You see courage comes in many forms,

and with it the determination and sheer will power to succeed that takes guts and resilience…this young lady has these qualities, and more,  in abundance.

Llyndir Hall Wedding Photography

Why?  Well Emily, and she will not mind my telling you this, was someone whose life was touched by Cancer. The dreaded stuff of nightmares came and visited this gorgeous young bride-to-be,  and made her life pretty unbearable. But not to be undone Emily battled her way back to health and achieved her one aim, her single mission for her wedding day, the one thing that was not to be denied to her, to walk down the aisle.

Emily’s Lymphoma had made walking incredibly painful and difficult for her owing to the pressure on her spine from the large tumor that had taken up residence there! Her wish was a simple one, to be able to walk down the aisle, unaided and to stand there, by Olly’s side. She battled against all the odds to do this and I am in total and utter awe of this gorgeous young lady, knowing just how debilitating this can be. More on Emilie’s story…here

Today even though I have been staring at these images for what seems like an eternity,  I’m not afraid to admit it, I cried like a big baby as all the emotions that were so evident on the day, came flooding back to remind me of just how precious life really is, and just how fragile we all are. Isn’t life just amazing?


The beautiful, amazing and inspiring Emily and her top fella, Olly


Llyndir Hall Wedding Photography Llyndir Hall Wedding Photography Llyndir Hall Wedding Photography Llyndir Hall Wedding Photography


Nows the time  to turn up the volume and watch this beautiful short slide show….love it !!