The Tyn Dwr Hall Wedding Of Chris & Emily


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Another amazing day spent in the company of this beautiful family, I last captured Chris’s brothers wedding a couple of years ago at the Albright Hussey. This was to be over the border in North Wales. An equally amazing wedding venue and one I truly relish working at, the fabulous Tyn Dwr Hall.

It is however, tinged with great sadness as I sit here and write this. The passing of a beautiful lady, who’s personality shone throughout the day. Chris’s dear grandmother left us, and with her a big gap appeared in the lives that surrounded her. I often say to my couples, photography is not for the here and now, it is for the tomorrows. If we can but grasp those memories, the joy, the tears and the laughter. Hold them close and never ever let them go, then that is what we must do. Immortalise those transient happenings in what has become a digital negative, then immortalise them we shall.

This is what being a photographer is all about.

I received this message a little while ago, it was sent to me in the form of a review, and was posted by the Lady’s daughter:

“This is a very personal account of how brilliant Phil is, my mum has been very ill over the last four years. When her first grandson married she was reasonably OK and Phil took some lovely pictures of her and dad. Over the last six months mum has declined greatly but in April she managed to attend another grandson’s wedding with Phil once again taking the pictures. Phil had no idea how poorly mum was but he took a series of pics when mum and Dad arrived, to say they were stunning is such an understatement!! They were so natural, capturing mum’s delight on the day. Three weeks ago my mum passed peacefully away. I can’t begin to tell how much those photos mean to us, everyone who has seen them agree they are so special.

Thank you Phil. Xxx”

I am so blessed to have joined many couples, throughout my career in Shropshire and beyond, in capturing weddings and other social gatherings, and it is these moments that I strive to capture at each and every wedding. For me, it is the journey, the story. Emily and Chris’s wedding, in that respect, was no different. I love what I do and do what I love.

I hope this is conveyed in my work, and look forward to each and every wedding with the drive and ambition my couples deserve.

Much love to Chris and Emily, thank you for allowing me to join you on your journey.

Phil x

Tyn+Dwr+Hall+Wedding Tyn+Dwr+Hall+Wedding Bride preparations at a Tyn Dwr Hall Wedding Tyn+Dwr+Hall+Wedding Groom getting ready at a Tyn Dwr Hall Wedding Groom preparations at a Tyn Dwr Hall Wedding Tyn+Dwr+Hall+Wedding Tyn+Dwr+Hall+Wedding Tyn+Dwr+Hall+Wedding ECTynDwrHallWedding 176 ECTynDwrHallWedding 183 ECTynDwrHallWedding 192 ECTynDwrHallWedding 203 ECTynDwrHallWedding 222 ECTynDwrHallWedding 236 ECTynDwrHallWedding 244 ECTynDwrHallWedding 253 ECTynDwrHallWedding 256 ECTynDwrHallWedding 260 ECTynDwrHallWedding 263 ECTynDwrHallWedding 267 ECTynDwrHallWedding 270 ECTynDwrHallWedding 294 ECTynDwrHallWedding 303 ECTynDwrHallWedding 306 ECTynDwrHallWedding 308 ECTynDwrHallWedding 311 2 ECTynDwrHallWedding 319 2 ECTynDwrHallWedding 321 ECTynDwrHallWedding 327 ECTynDwrHallWedding 329 ECTynDwrHallWedding 332 ECTynDwrHallWedding 334 ECTynDwrHallWedding 336 ECTynDwrHallWedding 341 ECTynDwrHallWedding 350 ECTynDwrHallWedding 357 ECTynDwrHallWedding 359 ECTynDwrHallWedding 362 ECTynDwrHallWedding 372 ECTynDwrHallWedding 377 ECTynDwrHallWedding 381 Tyn+Dwr+Hall+Wedding ECTynDwrHallWedding 389 ECTynDwrHallWedding 395 ECTynDwrHallWedding 396 ECTynDwrHallWedding 399 ECTynDwrHallWedding 401 ECTynDwrHallWedding 408 ECTynDwrHallWedding 413 ECTynDwrHallWedding 416 ECTynDwrHallWedding 419 ECTynDwrHallWedding 422 ECTynDwrHallWedding 425 ECTynDwrHallWedding 431 ECTynDwrHallWedding 456 ECTynDwrHallWedding 458 ECTynDwrHallWedding 461 ECTynDwrHallWedding 469 ECTynDwrHallWedding 480 ECTynDwrHallWedding 483 ECTynDwrHallWedding 484 ECTynDwrHallWedding 498 ECTynDwrHallWedding 499 ECTynDwrHallWedding 519 ECTynDwrHallWedding 545 ECTynDwrHallWedding 546 ECTynDwrHallWedding 549 ECTynDwrHallWedding 556 ECTynDwrHallWedding 575 ECTynDwrHallWedding 576 ECTynDwrHallWedding 584 ECTynDwrHallWedding 586 ECTynDwrHallWedding 589 ECTynDwrHallWedding 593 Tyn+Dwr+Hall+Wedding ECTynDwrHallWedding 607 ECTynDwrHallWedding 610 ECTynDwrHallWedding 618 ECTynDwrHallWedding 621 ECTynDwrHallWedding 622 ECTynDwrHallWedding 625 Tyn+Dwr+Hall+Wedding ECTynDwrHallWedding 660 ECTynDwrHallWedding 664 ECTynDwrHallWedding 670 ECTynDwrHallWedding 671 ECTynDwrHallWedding 677 ECTynDwrHallWedding 681 ECTynDwrHallWedding 683 ECTynDwrHallWedding 685 ECTynDwrHallWedding 695 ECTynDwrHallWedding 697 ECTynDwrHallWedding 705 ECTynDwrHallWedding 712 ECTynDwrHallWedding 731 Bridesmaids in attendance at a Tyn Dwr Hall Wedding ECTynDwrHallWedding 745 ECTynDwrHallWedding 748 ECTynDwrHallWedding 755 ECTynDwrHallWedding 762 ECTynDwrHallWedding 775 ECTynDwrHallWedding 778 ECTynDwrHallWedding 781 ECTynDwrHallWedding 787 ECTynDwrHallWedding 790 ECTynDwrHallWedding 792 ECTynDwrHallWedding 796 ECTynDwrHallWedding 798 an amazing portrait of bride and groom at a Tyn Dwr Hall Wedding in North Wales ECTynDwrHallWedding 819 at a Tyn Dwr Hall Wedding a bride and groom share a tender moment beautiful portrait captured at a Tyn Dwr Hall Wedding in North Wales at a Tyn Dwr Hall Wedding the bride and groom take time out to enjoy the sunset and share a kiss Cake cutting at a Tyn Dwr Hall Wedding first dance at a Tyn Dwr Hall Wedding in North Wales ECTynDwrHallWedding 838 ECTynDwrHallWedding 842 ECTynDwrHallWedding 844

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