Elspeth and Nathan : A beautiful Ellesmere Wedding :

Elspeth and Nathan
The Boat House, Ellesmere, Shropshire

Ellesmere Lake Shropshire

A beautiful, and very special wedding….made more so, for me personally, as this was a wedding that took place in my home town of Ellesmere and also because of where the wedding reception was held, right by the side of the stunning Ellesmere mere….a natural spring water lake, or Mere, situated right by the main road as you enter the charming North Shropshire town. This has been the scene of many a gorgeous sunrise I have witnessed as the years have gone by. I have also spent many a winters morn walking across the frozen lake….watching the birds flying gracefully over it, and now I am there seeing beautiful couples getting their first taste, as husband and Wife, right by it’s side……perfection.

On the front of the mere is a lovely white cottage known as “Mere Cottage”, this old cottage is nestled between the Boathouse Resturant and the  little Kiosk that serves coffees, teas and various light refreshments. Now, if you have been following my posts over on facebook, you will be fully aware that I am about to embark on a new stage in my journey….the relocation of my Oswestry studio. I think by now the penny has probably dropped, and yes…this stunning little cottage, right by the beautiful Ellesmere Lake, is to be the new home of PbArtWorks!

Ellesmere Sunrise Three

Ellesmere Lake Shropshire

Well that’s the first bit of the two part mystery that I posted over on facebook over with….

Now for the second part. In the pictures below, you will see Nathan presenting a small box to Elspeth during the speeches…..in this box was a gift. That gift led to a rather emotional Elspeth…taken aback by her new grooms lovely surprise. Nathan had been working tirelessly to get the two cars, featured in the wedding, ready for the big day. Mainly the old Triumph that needed restoring, and with the help of his cousin, my daughter’s boyfriend, he made it. But equally he had another car, a stunning Moggy Thou, or Morris Minor to give it it’s proper name. This he told Elspeth was a friends car and one he had “borrowed” for the wedding day to take Elspeth and her Father to the Church. Well, that was a little “white” lie, for in the box was a set of keys…the keys to the beautiful little car.

That was his gift to Elspeth. She was overcome with emotion as she had wanted her own little Moggy Thou for quite sometime….and on her wedding day, the little car that had taken her and her Dad to the Church, was all hers 🙂

So from January next year I will be sitting in the little cottage, thinking about this beautiful wedding, watching the ducks and the geese flying past, with the Lady Katherine (the steam boat that is featured in the wedding) moored up by the jetty, looking forward to welcoming all my couples through it’s door.

Thank you Elspeth and Nathan for entrusting your beautiful day to me….it has been a fantastic time working with you guys, made more special by being in my home town, in a place I adore, and now, every morning and every evening, as I open and close the Mere Cottage door, I will remember this wedding with even more happiness than usual 🙂

All the very best to you both


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  1. Hi I’m interested in you for a wedding at Soulton Hall next March, was just interested in prices? What’s included if you’re by yourself or have another photographer?
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