Creative Noir ~ Portraits Of Light In Dark

My background of illustration has always played a huge part in my work, my wedding clients have experienced the play of light and dark, the fusion of illustrative and narrative skills with both wedding and commercial photography has long been one of my standard approaches. Portraits is where I really like to dig deep into the persons personality, to explore and connect with that person on a more deeper level. Sure we can do the standard fun stuff too….but sometimes the real person is not there….with “Creative Noir” I really want to explore and connect with people of all ages, shapes and sizes. The aim is to be as creative as possible with my clients. to take away the confusion of colour and strip back the emotion. To lay it bear…this is not for everyone, but I am sure these pictures will live for a lifetime and families will come to treasure these pictures as a true reflection of who they were at the point in time they were taken.

A moment captured.



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