Combermere Abbey Wedding Photographer

A Combermere Abbey Wedding

I have had the pleasure of working at the stunning Combermere Abbey on several occasions and Lisa and Paul’s gorgeous wedding was what kick started my love affair with this venue. I am always lost for words when it comes to writing about my weddings as I am a great believer of letting images speak for themselves. Those images should really convey their own narrative about the day, the timeless moments between a couple, their family and their friends. These images do just that….Lisa and Paul are just two of the nicest, most genuine people I have had the pleasure to meet. Their special day was back in 2015, right at the start of summer, in June….it has taken me quite a while to catch up with my weddings, but I know this one really resonated with my style and ethos when capturing weddings. Relaxed, informal and story telling. Packed full of emotional hooks this day was just a beautiful day to capture, a real privilege for me to be invited along and work the old PB magic 🙂

Please do leave me your thoughts below and let me know what you guys think…I really can’t thank Lisa and Paul enough for their faith and trust. I only hope they love these pictures as much as I do….each and every wedding is a special day, to me it is more than just a wedding, it really is a journey of two people that I am proud to be able to share.

Much love and happiness to you guys and a massive big thank you to all my lovely brides and grooms that have been, and those that will be, part of this amazing journey.


If you are looking for your Combermere Abbey Wedding Photographer then please do give me a call, drop me an email and lets chat over your day…I am proud to be recommended by Combermere Abbey and many of my images can be seen adorning their new website.

Combermere Abbey Wedding PhotographerCombermere Abbey Wedding Photographer

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