Jack + Els


Shropshire lifestyle photographer with couple at Colemere


I absolutely adore these guys….Jack and Els….Jack being the third member of one family whose weddings I will have covered…how much of an honour is that!?

Where I first met Els:

I was working at a wedding last year when I suddenly became aware that I was surrounded by not only the couple themselves but two couples whose weddings I had yet to cover and three more couples whose weddings I had covered….good job I managed to do a half decent job…then suddenly the band turned up…the guitarist appeared and it was the groom from another wedding I had covered a few weeks before. It was quite bizarre and truly wonderful to be in the same room as all these wonderful people. One of my biggest regrets is not getting all those beautiful hearts and souls, together, with me….for one shot!!!

Jack and Els were among the couples whose weddings I had yet to cover…and this wedding was where I first met her. What a lovely sweet young lady she truly is….before I even laid eyes on her, she and Jack changed their wedding date so that I could be the one to capture it….truly a very touching act….and that day is now fast approaching.

Hopefully, I may be able to get a group shot at their special day as that would be amazing.

Such is the wonderful world of beautiful people I work in.

Happy me ?

Phil x

P.S. You’ll want to check out the wedding of this great couple! Head over to the Soulton Hall Wedding page and check out the gallery!

Colemere Country Park Couple Shoot Video

I put together a slideshow featuring Jack & Els couple shoot – enjoy!