Shooters Hill Hall Wedding

A Beautiful Wedding 

Shooters Hill Hall WeddingWords often do fail me when trying to put into those words the emotions and feelings felt on the day of a wedding, Lindsey and Andrew’s day was no different in that respect, it was a lovely day, it was a stunning May weekend set on the bank holiday and the sun shone brightly at Shooter’s Hill Hall. It was a mighty bit breezy at times, if I recall, but apart from that, the day…weather wise, was rather uneventful. Just soft…glorious, sun. Sunny enough for a quick jaunt into a field of softly swaying young wheat as we drove the short drive from the Church back to Shooters . I had spied this field on a trip out to see Andrew’s home village and the beautiful Church where Lindsey and Andrew were to get married. A gorgeous spired church set in the heart of Shropshire countryside at the sleepy village of Clive. I love that name….it is one I know well, my long, dear departed Dad was called Clive…and so has a sense of familiarity to it…a sense of belonging perhaps. A “hook” if you like…one that invests my sense of duty and belonging just that little bit more. Not, as I am sure all my couples will testify, that it is needed, but it just makes this that little bit more special to me.

Anyway, on with the amazing day that was the wedding.

I really do dislike all those words…awesome…cute…stunning…etc as they mean very little at the end of the day, they are just words. I am much more inclined to let my images speak for themselves and leave you, the visitor, the viewer and the critic, to let me know what you truly feel about these.

Personally I love them, well I would…but with each passing wedding, with each new couple, I feel I just dig that little deeper into the lives and connections my couples share, with each other and with their family and friends. To me that is what a decent photojournalist should endeavour to do. Get under the surface of the wedding and show it for what it truly is. A celebration of love and the joining of two families, I do hope I succeed in doing just that, I truly try each and every time, but that old same doubt creeps back in to my mind as I sit down to back up and safely store my images from that days wedding, it is only when I have edited the images, delivered them and then get words like these in my inbox that I know my challenge for that day has been won.

“Where to begin…Phil these are wonderful. I love how chilled and informal the group photos are- it was exactly what I hoped they would be. The guest photos/ ceremony ones are awesome. You really told the story of the day, managed to show the vibe of the wedding and all the emotions but most of all you understood Miguel and I and really captured the relationship we have! AMAZING!!!!!!!!”


Albright Hussey WeddingNicki and Miguel


So please don’t be shy, leave me your thoughts below and if you are considering pbartworks for your Shropshire wedding photographer or indeed your Shooter’s Hill Hall wedding photographer, please drop me an email, ping me a message or give me a call, and maybe I can help you capture your memories in the timeless, creative Pb Way.







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