Is Photography Art?

Is Photography Art?

a tender moment between mother and son as she prepares to be married at Albrighton Hall in shropshire
A quiet moment between Mother and Son....such was the beautiful light that bathed this scene I truly felt blessed, all the planets seem to align as Lauren took her Son's hands so tenderly and whispered to him...what was she saying? I can only guess...some things are private and this was one of them. I can only assume it was words of love, words of reassurance and words of encouragement too. 



What is Photography, if not art? It's certainly subjective.


This was a question that was posed in a Facebook group a few days back, and it really got me Photography indeed art?

Art itself is, indeed, subjective and as such each person will have different takes on what does and does not constitute art. We, as photographers, all have some creativity within us, it is how you tap into this creativity that really counts. Everyone has a smart phone these days...well nearly everyone, and within that phone is the ability to make some beautiful images. Indeed the latest advertising campaigns from some notable exponents of's looking at you Apple and Sony, not to mention the unpronounceable Huawei, make a great deal about their phones camera capabilities. So is anyone and everyone with a smartphone now an artist? My own thoughts are pretty much is a way to allow creativity to flourish in a different medium, not just paper, pen, ink and brush. Now, everyone has the ability to create art...whether that’s through photography or via something completely different it really all depends on the person's ability to communicate their ideas...what they are trying to achieve...and you...the dear viewer.

So don't let the naysayers hold you back, go grab your phone...your camera...or even your old box brownie...and release the inner artist and rejoice.

Art is for the masses :)

Here are a few pieces of my own work that I hope shows what can be achieved when you're looking to explore a more artistic approach to your work. Post processing does play a part, but more so does the reading of light and shade, for me, that is the single most important aspect when trying to capture something that has an artistic beauty.

Let me know your thoughts below.

the stunning japanese forests of bamboo a magical scene of a loving young family in shropshire an artistic balck and white portrait of mother and newborn baby a best man's portrait a stunning scene as a bride and groom are captured at Thornton Manor a beautiful light captures a young bridesmaid a bride steps out of her carriage in Shropshire beautiful scene as children are entertained at a winter wedding in Ruthin Castle a bride signs the marriage register in a Shropshire church a stunning ocean scene of the maldives the smoke washing temples of japan a north wales scene


The Arrival

Tyn Dwr Hall
Wedding Day Stories

A beautiful sequence of events that tell their own story as someone very special arrived at Emily and Chris's Tyn Dwr Hall wedding.

This story is one tinged with sadness and will stay with me for many years. I have had the pleasure of working with this beautiful family before, and being invited back to capture another wedding was a really amazing honour. Documentary photography is all about stories, stories within stories. The book is the wedding day, whilst each chapter exists telling it’s own beautiful story. Here are the grandparents of Chris arriving....a beautifully observed and captured sequence that I am so pleased to have captured, especially so as this dear lady left us later that year.

Memories are precious....images that take you back to that time...that are missed by many of the family, to be shared for years to come....these are the images I love to capture for all my couples.

I will post now the review that was left for me on Google....left by one of this dear ladie's daughters, such is the power of images to move those around you and to capture the pure emotion of a wedding day.

"This is a very personal account of how brilliant Phil is, my mum has been very ill over the last four years. When her first grandson of married she was reasonably OK and Phil took some lovely pictures of her and dad. Over the last six months mum has declined greatly but in April she managed to attend another grandson's wedding with Phil once again taking the pictures. Phil had no idea how poorly mum was but he took a series of pics when mum and Dad arrived, to say they were stunning is such an understatement!! They were so natural, capturing mum's delight on the day. Three weeks ago my mum passed peacefully away. I can't begin to tell how much those photos mean to us, everyone who has seen them agree they are so special.

Thank you Phil. Xxx"

This truly is why I do what I do.


Bride and groom leave the church in shropshire before heading ont o their reception at The Mill Barns Wedding Venue

Kate and Dean: A Mill Barns Wedding Day

A bride and groom at the amazing Mill Barns Wedding Venue
Words sometimes really do fail me....full blog coming soon.

Kate and guys truly are special.

Please feel free to leave them some kind words below


2018: The Long Story

Shropshire Wedding Photographer

2018: The Journey

bridal party make their way to the Church in Shropshire


Well, I guess it's been another of those incredible years, one that has seen me back at many of my wonderful recommended venues capturing so many beautiful moments. It has been a joy....truly it has. After last year's close brush with the dreaded C, it was wonderful to start the year on renewed optimism, and health. My year has been cancer free....and in all honesty,  freed from the constraints of worry and with a new perspective on work has never been better. At least I don't think so...and neither do the fine people over at the amazing English Wedding Awards where I was awarded "photographer of the year" 2018!!!

Third English Wedding Awards 2018

shropshire wedding photographer wins national award

You can read more about this little award here > WINNER!!

I still have some amazing weddings to edit, mostly from the hazy month of December, so I promise I will be sure to update this little collection just as soon as I can. All this really now leaves me to do is to thank my couples...all my amazing and wonderful couples.

Thank you.

Thank you for your trust, your hearts and your abundant love for what I do. 

I know it's a cliche but I truly do love what I do. I capture and encompass so many feelings, they overwhelm, inspire and embrace me. Each smile, every tear, the hugs the hand holding....the embraces, the sheer act of being human....this, to me is what being a wedding photographer is all about. This is me....and I make no apologies for being so aware and so intune with my ethos and what I set out to do.

I love weddings and I love those that allow me to join with them on their journey.

Now it's over to a few images I have carefully chosen to echo everyone's wedding I have been part of...I would love to add an image from every single wedding, and believe me I have tried, if anyone is missing...please accept my apologies...I just have so many wonderful moments to share and these images say more about you guys than words ever could.

Here's to all the tears, the hugs and the sincerity of real imagery....real moments and real joy.

Please be sure to check out the little short slideshow to give you a flavour of my 2018 journey.


Now it's all about 2019 and those wonderful souls who have asked me along to capture their day....telling their story, their way, every step of the's to you guys....and here's the Long Story,


Shropshire wedding photographer captures tender moment between newly wedsCar leaving a Church in North Wales with bride and groom Shropshire wedding photographer captures bride during makeup

English Wedding Awards

English Wedding Awards,
Wedding Photographer Of The Year 2018


Not one for self promoting, but for once I just thought I’d share some news. I was entered into a national award by a past client recently. The voting stages all took place on social media where votes and reviews were gathered by the organisers on their social media channels. This all took place without my input or knowledge.

After several weeks I was then contacted to be told I had made the final rounds. This was then judged, along with a body of supporting evidence I had to supply, testimonials, charity work...portfolio a panel of peers.

On the night of Wednesday 14th November 2018 the ceremony took place in Birmingham.

I was unaware of the results until late that night, as due to personal reasons, I could not attend. So in my absence I was awarded these amazing honours.

West Midlands Wedding Photographer Of The Year

Midlands and Southern Regions, Overall, Wedding photographer Of The Year

Alongside this amazing accolade are these few awards I have entered into, to be recognised by each of these organisations is truly amazing, and I can only thank all my couples for being so willing to enjoy their day in every way, for without them, there would be nothing to show.

Shropshire Wedding PhotographyOn The Edge

This incredible scene was so natural, so breathless and so amazing to see. Jane and Ben had walked up a hill ahead of me in Much Wenlock, Shropshire. The day was just perfect for them, and this beautiful scene unfolded as if to make their day end as perfectly as it had been throughout.


Shropshire Wedding Photographer with award winning image

Emily + Olly

What a beautiful and amazing day this was....Emily and Olly's wedding will always be that bit more special to me, and landing my first Master's Award was the cherry on a big fat juicy cake.

Read more right HERE to find out why.

North Wales Wedding Photographer

Through The Rain

A momentous effort by Jenni and her bridal party who were just so determined to get to the beautiful Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall in North Wales. More about their wet, windy and amazing day can be seen by clicking play on the below image....please do, believe me when I say, it's worth it.


I do hope you have enjoyed looking through a few of my recent awards, if you'd like to know more then please do feel free to give me a call or drop me an can get in touch simply by clicking HERE.

If you'd like to know more about my wedding photography, this gallery might be worth a browse. WEDDINGS