romantic shot of bride and groom at Iscoyd Park in Shropshire

Iscoyd Park Wedding Photographer

Diary Of An Iscoyd Park Wedding Photographer

Iscoyd Park Wedding Photographer

Shropshire Wedding Photographer

Being situated just a few short miles from my home, Iscoyd Park is truly one of my favourite places in which to capture the special day of a wedding. From the lush bedrooms, to the magnificent entrance, it truly has it all. The gardens are just simply divine and truly offer amazing scope for the wonderful bride and groom to capture some stunning images.

This is why Charlotte and Harry chose this very place to have their own special day. I am not going to go on about all the little things that happened in the build they met me, how we created some amazing images. No, I will spare you this, and instead bring you to the reason you came here in the first look at my work, my craft.

I have a love of what I do and I hope you see in these images exactly what Charlotte and Harry saw when they decided to go ahead and book me. Iscoyd Park is a stunning place for sure....backed by a wonderful team of enthusiastic and well mannered people. Your day is safe in their hands...and your memories, as precious as they are, are very safe in mine.

I love working here, and I loved my time with Harry and Charlotte. I only hope you love these images as much as I do.

It's perhaps worth pointing out that muy coverage truly is about telling a story, yes I love to create something rather special too, those hang on the wall works of art, but at the heart of my work is authentic storytelling. Right from the moment the guy on the tractor rumbles past the front door making the drive look as perfect as possible. Such is the attention to detail Iscoyd Park go to.

Phil x


A Few Words...

As is normal these days I try and get a little bit of feedback from my couples, with that in mind, here are a few words from Charlotte herself.

When chatting to other couples who’ve recently tied the knot, you inevitably hear about all the stuff that went wrong or could have gone better. But when it came to our wedding we honestly couldn’t have had a more perfect day. This was owing to the amazing group of people who made it all happen. This included the team at Iscoyd Park, our photographer Phil and our florist Katharine. Each made the day run effortlessly allowing us to enjoy it to the fullest. Their organised yet organic approach to guiding us and our guests, made sure that we were able to enjoy our special day in a calm and fun way. I think this is really shown in the magnificent photos Phil took and we’ll cherish the day for the rest of our lives. 

Thanks Phil x 


Iscoyd park wedding photographer in ShropshireIscoyd park wedding photographer in Shropshire with bride and her father Iscoyd park wedding photographer in Shropshire with guests throwing confettiIscoyd park wedding photographer in Shropshire with bride and guestsa romantic evening shot of bride and groom at Iscoyd Park in Shropshirebride and groom having their first dance at Iscoyd Park in Shropshire bride and groom take their first dance at Iscoyd Park in Shropshire

Iscoyd Park Wedding Photographer In Shropshire


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shropshire Wedding Photographer at Llyn Gwynant

Snowdonia Wedding Photographer at Llyn Gwynant

Sarah and Brian's  Beautiful Llyn Gwynant Wedding

Currently looking for a Llyn Gwynant Wedding Photographer? Well, you’re in luck! I have had the pleasure of working here twice before...and this one, well it's just the most gorgeous of days with a bride that simply stunned with her choice of wedding dress. Here's Sarah walking to a waiting car to take her to Llyn Gwynant Barns. It was a windy and blustery day but that added to the gorgeousness as you will see. A day that will stay with me...has stayed with me, for a long time to come.

 Snowdonia Wedding Photographer at Llyn Gwynant Barn

Here's another amazing shot of Sarah and Brian at the foothills of the incredible Snowdon Mountain. What a scene, truly breathtaking.

 Snowdonia Wedding Photographer at Llyn Gwynant Barns

Snowdonia Wedding Photographer at Llyn Gwynant

As is the case these days I asked Sarah a few questions about her and Brian, here are the replies. Hope you enjoy, and do check out the Mountain side proposal


In a mountain hut in Ireland! We were friends for a couple of years, then Brian moved to North Wales and we met up as friends a few times before realising there was more there :)


Brian took me back to where we went for our first adventure together - running up a mountain in Co. Wicklow called Scarr. He sold it as going to Ireland to visit his parents, with a night in the mountains first. As we started up through the forest these huge snowflakes were falling gently around us - it was beautiful. In any case, despite the heavy snow we made it to the top - it did occur to me that Brian had been a bit more adamant than usual about reaching the summit, given the conditions! I was just catching my breath when I realised he was beside me on one knee! I said "yes" of course, and we both cried and hugged. It was a very exhilarating run back down!


We quickly decided we wanted to get married in Wales, where we have made our home, rather than where either of us grew up. We also wanted a civil ceremony, preferably with everything in one place. We went to see the site on a beautiful April day, and just loved it straight away - it was perfect for us - local, rustic, in the mountains, and we had free rein with respect to decorations, food etc.


So my dress was quite a big statement. I didn't really imagine myself in a dress of that kind of shape but I just really wanted to try it on the minute I was in the shop because it was so different, and I loved the flowers/colour on it. Brian loves colourful/different things too so I didn't have to worry about him not liking it! Also it got a unanimous vote from the girls I took with me to try things on! Because my dress had so much going on I left everything else quite simple - I used jewelry that I already had and one of my bridesmaids kindly got her local florist to make hair combs from dried flowers. Luckily for me the girl that did my hair was also really clever at putting fresh flowers into hair so she did that for me which looked very pretty.

Brian was keen to get a suit that fitted him really well, and chose the Donegal tweed which he loved. It was a bit tricky trying to stop him from buying a bow tie that didn't clash horribly with my dress, without giving away that my dress had colours on it, but I think I got away with it.


So I'm not really sure I can claim to have had a vision! Essentially rustic and autumnal were the basic themes, to suit the venue and time of year. Once I had chosen my dress I tried to just pick up a few of the colours from that for the other decorations, and then used quite a lot of lace with hessian for other decorations. I didn't want huge flower arrangements so we went with the rustic chic style of jars with flowers in, and my parents-in-law also sourced me a load of decorative gourds which were in lovely oranges and greens and matched the autumnal feel.

Times Like These by The Foo Fighters. We are both fans of the Foo Fighters and went to see them in concert last year. We just felt the lyrics suited the situation and we liked how it had both slow and fast/rocky parts to it.


Walking down the aisle and getting to see Brian! Saying the vows! The speeches! Dancing with all our friends and family.


Fortunately I heard of Phil through a friend, and absolutely loved the photos of her wedding. I wanted a more natural/imaginative approach than just loads of cutesy photos, and Phil absolutely delivered that. On the day Phil was great - he was very unobtrusive and managed to cope with my busy (and messy) house amazingly whilst we were all getting ready. He also didn't take up huge chunks of our time during the reception, but still managed to get tons of amazing shots of us both.


Be decisive and don't sweat the small stuff! It's hard not to worry about all the different aspects and things going wrong when so much work goes into making it an amazing day but essentially the point of the day is to get married - everything else going well is just a bonus. I also just accepted that some things were going to go wrong - then when those things were very minor I just felt grateful that it wasn't something bigger, rather than stressing about them happening at all.



So there you have it...some wise words from the beautiful Sarah....hope you enjoyed this little story, now for some images, please do feel free to leave some comments below and if you're looking for a creative Snowdonia Wedding Photographer at Llyn Gwynant or indeed anywhere that has BIG hills then please do get in touch.

For more about my work, please check this little link out > 2019 A Year In Review

Phil x

Snowdonia Wedding Photographer at Llyn GwynantSnowdonia Wedding Photographer at Llyn GwynantSnowdonia Wedding Photographer at Llyn GwynantSnowdonia Wedding Photographer at Llyn GwynantSnowdonia Wedding Photographer at Llyn GwynantSnowdonia Wedding Photographer at Llyn GwynantSnowdonia Wedding Photographer at Llyn GwynantSnowdonia Wedding Photographer at Llyn GwynantSnowdonia Wedding Photographer at Llyn GwynantSnowdonia Wedding Photographer at Llyn Gwynant


2019 A Year In Review

Shropshire Wedding Photography

Bride and groom take in the view whilst the best Shropshire wedding photographer captures the scene

An old friend called me a few months back to tell me he and his gorgeous bride, Mags, were to tie the knot. How could I refuse his call to action, being an avid photographer, Rob was set on exactly who should be taking his wedding day photographs and simply said...."I want the best Shropshire wedding photographer....and that's you." Who am I to argue!


Just Look at the view over at Arley Arboretum. Just WOW.


2019 A Year In Review

It's been quite a special year, one that has seen me push myself in various competitions to be awarded some incredible plaudits from amazing sections of this wonderful industry. To be included in the top 100 wedding photographers on the "This Is Reportage" photographers website site, is no mean feat. A recognition I have worked so hard for and one that truly is so gratefully received, this along with several other awards have truly added to my desire to push myself ever more into the true documentary approach I have become increasingly know for. Yes I will always aim for those big, hang on the wall, pieces of art that have always made up my portfolio, but at the same time, the more intimate, loving and fleeting moments, also play a massive part too.

All it leaves me to say is a massive thank you to all my gorgeous couples for their continued faith and trust in what I do. I may not be the youngest, most hip and cool photographer in the industry, but I hope you will see past my wrinkles into the heart of a truly creative soul that always has my couples best interests central to what I do.

Something I hope, and pray, I do well....but perhaps I will leave you guys to be the judge of that...please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Feedback on my work is always appreciated, especially as when being so close to what you is hard to see past the flaws of which, I am sure....there are many.




shropshire documentary wedding photographer
The beautiful bride steps out at Combermere Abbey.
shropshire documentary wedding photographer
The bride and her flower girl daughter sharing a truly beautiful moment.
Cheshire documentary wedding photographer
A sign of the times perhaps? A truly thought provoking image indeed.
shropshire documentary wedding photographer
Andrea's final steps to her beautiful wedding.

My Shropshire Wedding Year


Although awards are nice to get, they are certainly hard to come by that much is true, however, as cheesy as it sounds, the true award comes from what I do and for whom I do it guys.

I say this and keep saying this, year after year...and now as I start into a brand new decade of PbArtWorks, I am still here....still saying it and still meaning it.

Thank you.

Below is just a collection of images from my year, these are NOT a "best off"....they are merely a reflection of a year spent....spent in the company of beautiful hearts, wonderful souls and serve as a collection of memories, times that are now in the past.

Here's to the future and all your futures of husbands and wives yet to be.

Love to you all.

Phil xx


A Shropshire Artists Take On Photoshop

If weddings are my heart, then this, truly, is my soul.



I absolutely love this area, it is but a short walk from my home, and is a place I find utterly matter the time of the year. It is a stretch of canal that runs parallel to the beautiful Blakemere. 


An Artists Work In Shropshire


I originally posted this in reply to a comment on facebook in regards to how I work....the word "photoshop" was used, on it's own...without I thought it helpful to those wondering "how" I create these images, to post my reply in plain sight, it proved useful, so naturally I thought I'd pop it here on my blog for the wider world to see :)

I do hope you guys find this useful, and please, feel free to ask any questions.


It starts with the weather forecast and ends with a "Save"!


It has to be said "Photoshopped" is such a widely used, and throw away the true answer to the question of using photoshop, is both yes, and no.
When film was used in photography the photographer would pick a certain film for a certain look. The image would also be affected by both the lens...and any filters..that were used, on that lens.

In essence the photographer used their vision to expand what was before their eyes. To see..into the image so to speak. This is about being creative..using the available tools, lens, camera and filters, to enhance a scene, and so to realise their vision.

Fast forward to today....and nothing has really changed.

Ellesmere canal in Shropshire.


Firstly you see the scene and select the appropriate lens/focal length and expose for that my case, I always expose for the highlights. This helps to create a much darker frame to use. I will also "bracket" the scene for shadow recovery. Again something that was used widely in the days of film..perhaps more so back this is truy old school techniques.

Once I have that scene is then into the dark room...for that truly is what post processing is all about. It's a digital equivalent of chemicals and laboratory processes. Certain tools in PhotoShop and Lightroom get their names from techniques of old. Dodging and burning being two such examples.

In Lightroom I adjust the colour balance and white balance to that of a more pleasing appearance. The camera sees in shades of it's tendency I find is to go "cooler" rather than "warmer". So again...old school lab techniques. I like to use around 6400 Kelvin...which is a nice warming tone. This helps bring out the leaves for example, this can also be set in camera, though I do tend to leave mine on auto white balance.

A lone walker out for a stroll along the Ellesmere canal in Shropshire.

Once I have lovingly folded in the shadow areas and raised the highlights a little (dodging and burning) I then export the resulting file and only then do we go into photoshop.
Here I remove signs...litter...people even, if they are not part of the intended result. You may be surprised to know this could also be done with film..and was done as far back as the 1930's! Earlier even...some very famous images had elements removed to help the "narrative".

Once I have done this...I do some final adjustments to the composition of light and shade...this is where my love of chiaroscuro comes in....think Rembrandt...that gorgeous use of deep resonating shade...with beautiful spots of light. In all my work...this is so relevant.


Another fellow photographer out and about capturing images along the Ellesmere canal in Shropshire.

Finally I look at the overall image. Often creating a copy and flipping it upside down...why? Because it's like seeing an image for the first time...and anything I have missed will suddenly be very obvious.

I then slightly adjust the overall saturation in a few choice areas, just to make it "pop" a little . It is then saved....and onto the next one.

The truth is...I am combining old school techniques with modern technology. Something I have lovingly crafted over many many years. To simply say "photoshopped" is to dismiss many years of skill...of patience and dedication.

A log burner strikes up on a frosty morning. 

So please understand this...there is no magic button, no instant "art" action....nothing you see here is done via a "recipe" in a workflow.
It starts with the weather forecast and ends with a "Save"!

Everything in between is meticulously planned. I know these canals so well...I already had these images in my mind for absolutely ages.

All I had to do was wait.




If you would like to know more about my services please do feel free to get in touch. CONTACT

In the meantime, here are a few more recent images from my frosty, "selfish" frames :)

If you would like to order any prints of my landscapes, including these shown, please check out my galleries here : Landscapes



Iscoyd Park Wedding Photography In Shropshire




I absolutely LOVE a good Iscoyd Park wedding, a stunning venue, right here, in Shropshire. The bonus being this is so close to where I am based as well, so when Emma contacted me about her wedding to George, you can imagine how excited I was to have the opportunity to work there again. Not only that, Emma is actually an hometown girl too, having been brought up just a few streets from where I live in Ellesmere. Being one of Iscoyd Parks recommended photographers makes it even more special, I have such a great working relationship with the team there, having been fortunate to cover many weddings spanning over my ten years in full time wedding photography.



Located in Shropshire, Iscoyd Park is simply stunning, being set in many acres of beautiful grounds, with the most stunning bedrooms and cottages, Iscoyd Park is, it has to be said,  the perfect wedding venue.

This is the UNBELIEVABLE Iscoyd Park wedding of Emma and George.

I always arrive a little early, this gives me ample chance to check out where everything is, do a quick look around and get ready for the arrivals. First to do so was Emma and her bridesmaids and mum, along with all the MUAs and Hair...they headed for the bridal suite where they finished off getting ready. Not long after arrived Dad, followed quickly by George and his groomsmen. The ceremony was held in the main hall, during which the weather decided to have a go at the local power supply, knocking out not only the power, but also the emergency generator too. So for the first time ever, the ceremony was to be completed in natural light. Not so bad, but thankfully the power returned to enable the wedding breakfast to be cooked.

After being showered by confetti and lots of hugs and kisses, the newlyweds made their way back into Iscoyd Park to enjoy champagne and canapés. Before a break in the weather allowed us the chance to get outside for some beautiful images.

On the note of the images, I absolutely LOVE playing with the natural light...and also some more of the creative aspects afforded by the beautiful Iscoyd Park. I do hope the following images give you a flavour of their day...a wild, beautiful, wet, but ultimately, gorgeous day. One where I was allowed to express the more artistic side to my work with the aid of two of life's most beautiful souls.


I hope you enjoy the following selection of images from Emma and George's fabulous day, and do check out the slideshow at the's worth a watch.

Phil x


Emma & George’s Dream Team:

Wedding Dress: Dolly Blue Bridal

Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Make-up/ Hair : Katie Lambie,  Charlotte and Abby

IG @katelambiemakeup @Charlottebsb_mua @alhairdressing

Floristry: White Wysteria

Confetti: Shropshire Petals




Now here is something rather special click play, turn up the volume and enjoy, leave me your thoughts in the comments below, and if you are looking for an artistic, creative storytelling photographer, then please do get in touch CONTACT