A Beautiful Shooters Hill Hall Wedding Day

Shooters Hill Hall Wedding

A Beautiful Wedding 

Shooters Hill Hall WeddingWords often do fail me when trying to put into those words the emotions and feelings felt on the day of a wedding, Lindsey and Andrew's day was no different in that respect, it was a lovely day, it was a stunning May weekend set on the bank holiday and the sun shone brightly at Shooter's Hill Hall. It was a mighty bit breezy at times, if I recall, but apart from that, the day...weather wise, was rather uneventful. Just soft...glorious, sun. Sunny enough for a quick jaunt into a field of softly swaying young wheat as we drove the short drive from the Church back to Shooters . I had spied this field on a trip out to see Andrew's home village and the beautiful Church where Lindsey and Andrew were to get married. A gorgeous spired church set in the heart of Shropshire countryside at the sleepy village of Clive. I love that name....it is one I know well, my long, dear departed Dad was called Clive...and so has a sense of familiarity to it...a sense of belonging perhaps. A "hook" if you like...one that invests my sense of duty and belonging just that little bit more. Not, as I am sure all my couples will testify, that it is needed, but it just makes this that little bit more special to me.

Anyway, on with the amazing day that was the wedding.

I really do dislike all those words...awesome...cute...stunning...etc as they mean very little at the end of the day, they are just words. I am much more inclined to let my images speak for themselves and leave you, the visitor, the viewer and the critic, to let me know what you truly feel about these.

Personally I love them, well I would...but with each passing wedding, with each new couple, I feel I just dig that little deeper into the lives and connections my couples share, with each other and with their family and friends. To me that is what a decent photojournalist should endeavour to do. Get under the surface of the wedding and show it for what it truly is. A celebration of love and the joining of two families, I do hope I succeed in doing just that, I truly try each and every time, but that old same doubt creeps back in to my mind as I sit down to back up and safely store my images from that days wedding, it is only when I have edited the images, delivered them and then get words like these in my inbox that I know my challenge for that day has been won.

"Where to begin...Phil these are wonderful. I love how chilled and informal the group photos are- it was exactly what I hoped they would be. The guest photos/ ceremony ones are awesome. You really told the story of the day, managed to show the vibe of the wedding and all the emotions but most of all you understood Miguel and I and really captured the relationship we have! AMAZING!!!!!!!!"


Albright Hussey WeddingNicki and Miguel


So please don't be shy, leave me your thoughts below and if you are considering pbartworks for your Shropshire wedding photographer or indeed your Shooter's Hill Hall wedding photographer, please drop me an email, ping me a message or give me a call, and maybe I can help you capture your memories in the timeless, creative Pb Way.







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Shropshire Wedding Photography

What A Year

2015, A Vintage Year of Shropshire Wedding Photography

..or Blimey...that was one heck of a year!

Thornton Manor wedding photographer captured by PbArtWorks award winning Shropshire Wedding Photography

Well we are here, a summary of my Shropshire Wedding Photography all in one post, along with a few from just over the borders too :)

It's amazing to think that I have finally reached the end of all my 2015 weddings and what an amazing journey it has been. A real rollercoaster of good times and great times, I have revisited many old favourites in the past 12 months and visited many new favourites too. 2015 has been an incredible year for me, a truly vintage one!! I have so many wonderful images and weddings to share with you guys and many more to come for 2016, including a wonderful trip to Spain which I will make sure I blog in it's entirety, that will be one amazing adventure.

What struck me over this past 12 months, apart from the ever changing watermark / come logo, yes...I do have issues making my damn mind up, but I think I have settled on a new logo now, well for the next few weeks anyway, is just what a blessed life I lead, I work alongside some of the most beautiful people I have ever had the pleasure to meet and I capture them and their loved ones for all eternity.

I do this with a soul that is wrapped up in distant memories that I hold dear, those of my family, my loved ones that are still here, and those who's voices I miss every single day.

Photography is an art in the truest sense of the meaning, it is about capturing the essence of a moment in time, the feelings, the smiles, the tears....then having that moment portrayed through a two dimensional graph of light, printed into a book, viewed on a screen or hung on a wall.

As time passes those moments, those memories, will become more precious...it is that what you are purchasing when you commission a photographer, to me, that is priceless.

I can only thank everyone who has entrusted your memories to pbartworks for being such fabulous people to get to know, I now count you all as dear friends, for being part of our year and for making one old artisan a happy chap, and not just my wedding couples either, a special thank you must also go out to my commercial clients, my studio clients and my ever supportive network of industry associates, some of whom have been so complementary to me, and that is also, priceless.

Please be a little patient as this is rather a long post...so there may be a little delay in some of the images loading....but I think it's worth waiting for :)


Shropshire Wedding Photography with a beautiful brideSweeney Hall wedding photographer Phil Barrett BA(hons) With the bride and her sistersShropshire Wedding Photography of a beautiful bride at Combermere AbbeyCombermere Abbey wedding photographerShropshire Wedding Photography Shropshire Wedding Photography with a beautiful bride and her groom at Combermere AbbeyShropshire Wedding Photography with a bride and groom in a stunning sunset at Combermere AbbeyShropshire wedding photographerNorth Wales wedding photographerwedding photographer shropshirewedding photographer shropshirewedding photographer shropshirewedding photographer shropshireIscoyd Park wedding photographer shropshireIscoyd Park wedding photographer shropshireIscoyd Park wedding photographer shropshirewedding photographer shropshire



Goldstone Hall WeddingAlbright Hussey Wedding

What a year...if you would like to chat to Phil about your special day...please feel free to contact us using the contact button above, pop over to facebook

or give us a ring on 01691 622842,

Look forward to hearing all about your special day and hopefully working with you.

Venues Featured above include

The Sweeney Hall

Comberemere Abbey

Iscoyd Park

Thornton Manor 

Albright Hussey

Albrighton Hall

the bride and groom at Combermere Abbey captured by creative shropshire wedding photographer pbartworks

Ashley and Piers

Ashley and Piers

A beautiful scene captured by Combermere Abbey Wedding Photographer PbArtWorks

A Wonderful and amazing Combermere Abbey Wedding

With it's distinct floral architecture and stunning glass house, Combermere Abbey, situated on the borders of Shropshire and Cheshire, is an amazingly beautiful venue in which to get married, or indeed, have your reception. Ashley and Piers was my second visit to Combermere this year and I have already made one return visit with another wedding coming up this next weekend....and each time I return, the colours, textures and vibrancy, of this venue never ceases to amaze me. I met up with this fabulous couple the day before their wedding....although I like to meet up with clients...and even do a pre wedding shoot occasionally....these guys showed why it isn't always necessary....the ultimate in relaxed and chilled people, with a total trust in me as their photographer, meant we just had a blast.

Thank you so much to Ashley and Piers French for being....just amazing.

Not to forget all their family and friends too...who were all just fantastic :)

What a great day.

If you are getting married at Combermere Abbey, then please get in touch and have a chat about your own special Combermere day.

Combermere Abbey Wedding

Combermere Abbey WeddingCombermere Abbey Wedding Combermere Abbey WeddingCombermere Abbey WeddingCombermere Abbey WeddingCombermere Abbey Wedding Combermere Abbey Wedding Combermere Abbey Wedding Combermere Abbey Wedding

creative wedding photography

:A Stunning Pimhill Barn Wedding Day:

:A Stunning Pimhill Barn Wedding Day:

by Shropshire Wedding Photographer PbArtWorks

pimhill barn wedding

Well....where do I start...images speak a thousand words, or so they say, and images abound when I get to work at venues such as the stunning Pimhill Barn. Nestled in the Shropshire fields, just north of the county town of Shrewsbury lies Pimhill.....a perfect setting  for Lian and Lee's perfect day. Surrounded by what can only be described as a riotous crowd of family and friends, the scene was set for an amazing and fun filled wedding day. Lian looked amazing and radiant as she prepared to meet Lee at the Barn....the facilities afforded by Pimhill for bridal preperations is simply gorgeous, ajoining the equally beautiful gardens is a small and perfectly equipped cottage come barn conversion, it lies nestled between the main house and the Pimhill barn itself.  Just a short walk away to the eagerly waiting, family and friends. This was a day I had looked forward to for an absolute age....Lian and I first met during my brief flirtation with breakfast network meetings. I had obviously left an impression on her when we first chatted at the 4N networking group in Shrewsbury. This was sometime ago, probably as far back as 2010 when I started out on this journey as a creative photographer....little did I know then that this was to lead to capturing Lian's special day. I have worked with many beautiful and stunning brides over the past 5 years, and I can honestly say, without a moments pause, that it has been an incredible journey working with all these fabulous couples to capture their wedding days . Working as a Shropshire Wedding Photographer, with story telling and creativity at the heart of everything I do, can, sometimes, be a lonely world...but it is people like Lian and Lee....that keep me going.

I revel in a wedding day environment with all it's many facets and beautiful, timelsss, moments. This wedding was no different, Lian's and Lees special day has bucket loads of heart and soul....of emotions and laughter and a deep seated love that is all to obvious to those around them to not see.


Thank you Lian and Lee for inviting me along to share it and to enable me to enjoy your memories with you.


pimhill barn weddingswedding dress Pimhill Barn WeddingPimhill Barn Weddingpimhill barn weddingpimhill barn weddingpimhill barn weddingpimhill barn wedding

I would love to hear from you and if you are planning a pimhill barn wedding then please feel free to get in touch and maybe we can create some amazing moments for your wedding day too.

Phil Barrett BA(hons) is an award winning Shropshire photographer based in the beautiful North Shrophire town of Ellesmere. His studio is right beside the gorgeous mere in a idyllic white cottage, if you would like to come and see Phil there to go through some ideas for your special day please do get in touch.

Abi and James : Wynnstay Hotel Oswestry : Wedding Day


Abi and James : Wynnstay Hotel Oswestry : Wedding Day


Oswestry wedding photographer
The beautiful Abi, I  LOVE images like this....on the bed to the left of the frame sits her sister.....looking on, and to the right...hands clasped....nerves setting in perhaps, is her Father. Amazing setting.....gorgeous bride, stunning day. Perfect.

 Superlatives are often abounded around the wedding industry when describing couples special days. Indeed it's hard not to use the usual...amazing....wonderful...beautiful and stunning, when describing Abi and James's wedding day...but even those seem somewhat lacking when writing about this particular wedding day. Especially as this wedding is a little bit special to me too, as it is yet another nod....another wink....in the direction of myself as an established and highly creative Oswestry Wedding Photographer.

  You see, Abi is the step daughter of Emma....who happens to be part of the family that actually own, and run, The Wynnstay Hotel in Oswestry.  To be invited along to capture Abi and James's wedding was truly and honor and to say I was chuffed is a slight understatement. The morning preparations got underway at Emma's parents home just outside of Oswestry, to say their home is stunning is yet another understatement, it is a labour of love and clearly shows a sense of splendid taste and incredible grandeur.  The balcony shot of Abi (above) was taken from one of the homes amazing bedrooms....what a view....right across the Shropshire plains. I must admit to feeling rather envious...who wouldn't :)

After Abi had got herself, and her bridesmaids ready it was time to meet James at the quaint Oswestry Parish Church....this is but a stones throw from the front door of the Wynnstay Hotel and offers couples wishing to get married in Oswestry the perfect match....a gorgeous Church with some of the most incredible light, right opposite the very able Wynnstay Hotel where Seb and his team offer a perfect wedding day reception. Right next door to the Church is Oswestry's town park....with many options for some seriously gorgeous wedding photo opportunities. We, however...had this stunning home to use....so use it we did :)

Shortly after the end of the wedding ceremony Abi, James and I went back to where we started, literally. Right back to THAT amazing and stunning home of the Wynnstay owners. The gardens there afforded us a chance for some lovely moments between this fab couple, and here is but one....one frame...one image, one simple, gorgeous intimate moment.



The rest of the day was spent back at the Wynnstay Hotel and later....when a remarkable sunset came along to mark the end of my time with Abi and James, we ventured across to the nearby park.....just a few steps across the road, through the wrought iron gates and into the beautiful and, quite frankly, stunning sunset that mother nature had created, just, it felt.... for this engaging and damn beautiful....couple.



Thank you Abi and James for entrusting your special day to me...your memories, those of the love...the laughter and your beautiful and amazing family and friends are yours to keep forever and mine to enjoy too.


If you are looking for that creative hard working enthusiastic and mad camera wielding Oswestry Wedding Photographer come artist....give me a shout and who knows....maybe you and I can go make some beautiful images and capture your memories.

Here is a complete gallery of images from Abi and Jame's special day, please enjoy and please feel free to leave this lovely couple some comments below :)