A bride and groom at Peckforton Castle

Peckforton Castle Wedding | Craig + Colette

The beautiful Cheshire Wedding of Craig & Colette


A preview of this amazing wedding at Peckforton Castle, which was stunningly decorated by Izabella of the incredible "The Blossom Co"...just beautiful work.

More from this incredible wedding soon.



Amy + Aaron : Pentre Mawr

Amy + Aaron

Pentre Mawr Wedding

Sometimes we look back at the work we do and think, yeah, this was one of those days....one where we drag ourselves out of the bed, early in the morning, as the daylight threads it's beautiful rays across the land, we stand there, supping a cup of hot coffee and plan what we are doing in our minds for the next 14 hours. The body aches, the soul is weary, the tiredness all consuming,  but we get our head right, grab some breakfast, pile all the bags into the car, say our farewells and off we go. What we are going to do that day is yet to be decided, apart from one little thing. We are going to a wedding, a place called Pentre Mawr. A place we have heard about but never actually seen.

The car rumbles down the road, radio 2 blasting out on the airwaves, and our minds travel forward in time, imagining all the images we are going to grab, the stories we are going to tell. Two souls have their hopes, their fears and their expectations, sat firmly on our shoulders. Weighing heavily as the car makes it's way through the gorgeous Welsh countryside.

Finally we arrive and make our way to see the smiling faces that are waiting for us.

One less thing to worry about, Phil's here!

A quick hello and it's off for a scout, not been here before, need to plan, to create, to spot all those shapes, patterns, see how the light is falling and mentally plot the course of the Sun, yeah, the Sun. It's actually a beautiful day. Thank the Gods for that at least, no rain to contend with. Unlike Jenni and Mark's waterfall extravaganza, where it essentially pissed down all day, killing one camera and making me as wet as I have ever been. But even so that was one hell of a wedding.

Into the day we dive, and what a day. Amy and Aaron are one of life's incredible couples, I know they had massive high hopes for their images, I can only hope I met with their expectations. Taking a more relaxed and documentary approach was vital to them, sitting quietly and observing was so important. The emotions that surrounded this couple was tangible you could sense and feel the sheer love that was flowing around them like some unseen force. A truly wonderful day. From the quiet moments at Amy's dear Mother's resting place, to the trip down memory lane with some old photographs a guest had brought along, to the tears and the laughter of what is undoubtedly one of my favourite speeches, ever.

Yes, this was indeed one of those days, and I can only hope I get to see many many more like this day. Thank you so much Amy and Aaron for being you, you are undoubtedly two of life's wonderful, and beautiful, people.

Much love and happiness to you both.





Do make sure you check out the fab slideshow right at the end :)


Ready for some more?  Then turn up the volume and go full screen for some beautiful moments from this amazing Pentre Mawr Wedding :)

Glesni + Sion : A North Wales Celebration

North Wales Wedding Day

 A Beautiful North Wales Wedding 

Sat in the beautiful countryside of North Wales, is a gorgeous valley, at the foot of this valley is the home of Glesni's parents. This was to be the location for Glesni and Sion to become Husband and Wife....what a setting. What a day and what a wedding....or as they say in Wales, Priodas. Every day's a school day...and Glesni's day was just that, a day spent among beautiful people on the side of a rather large hill, with the gorgeous summer's sun beating down on us. Atop of the hill was a scene so memorable and so beautiful. Wales is truly breathtaking, and when a beautiful bride walks across it, even more so.


Here is the complete collection from Glesni and Sion's stunningly beautiful wedding day, a true slice of North Wales, captured forever across the amazing hills that form such a spectacular backdrop.



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Bride and Groom celbrating at a North Wales Wedding Bride and Groom set against wind turbines at a North Wales Wedding Bride and Groom on a welsh hillside at a North Wales Wedding Bride and Groom walk across welsh hillside at a North Wales Wedding  

Wedding Day Stories

A wedding day story....


Documentary photography is about stories, stories within stories. The book being the wedding day, each chapter telling it’s own beautiful story....from the bride getting ready, to the ceremony and so on. Within each chapter are little moments of pure delight...this is just one of those moments. Taken last year at the amazing Tyn Dwr Hall, when storm Brian came to visit....wet and windy it may have been...but these images are just so delicious and have a beautiful narrative all of their own.

More about this amazing day right here

Emma + Paddy



Tyn Dwr Hall Wedding PhotographyTyn Dwr Hall Wedding Photography Tyn Dwr Hall Wedding Photography  Tyn Dwr Hall Wedding Photography


confetti at church in Winstanstow

Wistanstow Village Hall : Allie + Alex

newly married couple at Winstanstow Village Hall

Allie + Alex


What a bloody lovely wedding....I say that so many times throughout a year, it just happens to be true, every single time. I have such a warm and wonderful collection of clients who seem to find their way to me. Along with all their families and friends, many of whom come back to me to capture their special days too, such a real fabulous feeling when that happens, it truly is. As a result I have had so many joyous weddings, fond memories, laugh out loud moments and stunningly, no achingly, beautiful brides. Allie is no exception.


Allie and Alex are part of that wonderful collection I really hold dear. Their gorgeous day in Wistanstow Village Hall will always be special to me, not for anything out of the ordinary....it rained. Nothing really strange there, after all it is the UK.  They walked to the reception hall...in the rain. Allie smiled, the broadest and most beautiful of smiles, all day long. She just looked so amazing in her beautiful and incredible Pronovias wedding dress. What a truly wonderful bride she made. The village Hall had been lovingly decorated by Allie and Alex, obviously enlisting the help of a few close friends and family to bear the burden. Making this lovely old Village Hall look pretty darn incredible too.

I don't get to many weddings in village halls it has to be said, but after Allie and Alex's I do hope that changes.

Please do take your time to look through this gorgeous wedding. It is just so lovely. The Burger bar at the end is worthy of a mention too. Really good, burger flippingly juicy burgers!!  And remember, if you are looking for a Wistanstow Village Hall Wedding Photographer, please do come and have a chat.