The Absent Loved

by Iscoyd Park Wedding Photographer PbArtWorks





The stunning venue that is Iscoyd Park set in the beautiful Shropshire countryside is perhaps one of my favourite venues in which to work my creative and photojournalist style. This was to be the setting for Tom and Emily’s beautiful wedding day, a day of heartfelt and honest emotions that permeated through the day like some unseen force. The above picture speaks volumes, more than I could ever put into words and more than any other picture I have yet to capture. My role as a documenter is to capture the nuances and emotions of the story as it unfolds, in as natural a way as is possible, this isn’t always the case as there is always a requirement for formal imagery too, but here, in certain aspects of the day, we have the most honest of images.

A day that will live with me as I go through this crazy world, for quite sometime, thank you so much Emily and Tom for asking me to be your creator of images for your most special of days.




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If you are looking for that artistic, creative soul to capture your day as your own Iscoyd Park Wedding Photographer, please feel free to give me a call and see if we can make some images for your special day together.