Telling The Story

Bride signing the marriage certificate captured by Shropshire wedding photographer PbArtWorks

Let’s talk influences….if you’re a photographer or another creative, who are yours? Mine come from the little dutch masters, Rembrandt being an obvious one..but also Vermeer alongside such notable great Brits like Hogarth.

As far as photographers go….I really don’t have any whom I really look to apart from a few obvious ones.

Here’s a very recent edit that shows my love of Chiaroscuro which features heavily in my work.

This gorgeous light was typical of this past summers weddings. I was so pleased when I spotted the signing table, it’s perfectly positioned for my creation to happen. Being in the right place just as the beautiful Jenny reached down to sign was my decisive moment. Asking permission and explaining to the wonderful vicar how I would work in the church that day, allowed me the freedom to take this…discreet and respectful at all times ?

For the technical people out there this image was taken using a new Sony A73….a mirrorless camera that really has taken my approach to wedding documentary and turned it upside down. More on this beautiful little camera later. In the meantime please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below ?