Tom and Gillian’s Oddfellows Wedding

Tom and Gillian being carried away with their memories from a beautiful day


This amazing day was a wedding of firsts….my very first one of 2016 and my first one working at the wonderful Oddfellows in Chester. Add into that the weather, which to say was a bit wet and wild is probably a slight understatement in the truest sense of the word, but this didn’t deter this amazing couple from taking what can only be described as a “leap of faith” in me and Tom pretty much went for it along with his gorgeous new bride, Gillian, which initself is another first too.

Oddfellows, for those not familiar with Chester, is a fabulously unique venue, situated just a short walk away from the city centre on a side street leading to the beautiful river Dee. It has an incredible visual style and if you are ever in Chester I do urge you to go check it out. Amazing food…amazing decor and, with being  just a short walk to the riverside…perfection.

I will leave you with my usual collection of reportage images and hope you enjoy the fun shown within them, the sheer bravado and the total and utter dedication given to capturing these images, which was set against a backdrop of personal loss (a dear family member passed away shortly before Tom and Gillian’s wedding) as well as the aforementioned weather.

If you are looking for someone slightly bonkers and ever so insane for your Oddfellows wedding photography, please do come and have a chat, who knows, maybe you too will be “carried away” with your wedding memories caught in that PB way 🙂


AKA Oddfellows Chester Wedding Photographer 😉

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