A Beautiful Mill Barns Wedding Day

Mill Barns Shropshire Wedding Photographer

Mill Barns Shropshire Wedding Photographer

What a beautiful and amazing venue Mill Barns truly is, (links below)…a massive thank you to Caeley and Jack for inviting me along to be their Mill Barns Shropshire Wedding Photographer and capture their special day there, it truly was a real pleasure. Seeing just what the team have created here in Shropshire is truly breathtaking. Caeley and Jake came to see me after spotting my work online, indeed as I recall I had very little contact with Caeley until the run up to her special day, this is now becoming more and more the normal route with people leading busy lives it is not always possible to meet up prior to booking me. Being pretty much set on my style and approach, Caeley was quick to make sure I was going to be there 🙂

On the day itself the sun was out….and it has to be said, the new venue look pretty incredible in the August sunshine, the scale of this venue has to be seen to be appreciated. Traveling from my base in North Shropshire to Alveley takes about an hour, so plenty of time to relax and chill out en-route, which is always a good thing, I like to listen to something easy when traveling to a full days wedding, it helps to settle the nerves and focus the mind. Yes, this may well come as a surprise, but even after all these years, after some 400+ weddings and countless other commissions, I still have the nerves. Not so much fear, more excitement and anticipation, manifesting themselves as….nerves! When I finally arrived my good friend and amazing videographer extraordinaire, Olly from Floodgate Films (if you’ve not see his work, do check it out) had already arrived and was just having a look around. We both were fairly, it’s safe to say, gobsmacked as we stood there…gawping at the amazing place that we had as our office for the day, truly spectacular!

So with our mouths still firmly fixed in a state of total amazement it was off to see Caeley and her girls getting ready in the pretty stunning bridal preparations room. The sheer industrial, combined with barn rustic, charm this venue has really comes into it’s own once you dive into it’s lower floors. The lighting is a challenge, but all those mirrors….the soft diffused light from the fitting, all add to it’s uniqueness. On with the show, as they say, and here are a collection of images that I am really so proud of. The beauty of Caeley and her handsome groom, Jack, really do add to the images, not only that but there willingness to do something a bit crazy too, all added to the fun of the day. I do hope you all love these images as much as I do, and from what Caeley and Jack wrote over on my facebook page….I know they love them too.

“…We genuinely cannot speak highly enough of Phil as a photographer but on a personal level as well , something we did notice was that we weren’t treated like another couple or another wedding…. but Jack and Caeley and their special day! Some fantastic memories captured…”

If you are looking for that creative soul, that mad guy with a camera for your Shropshire, Cheshire, North Wales, North Pole….wherever it may be, wedding….then do feel free to get on touch and maybe we can create you some beautiful images to remember your special day by.

Please do check out their slideshow, just press play and turn up the volume




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