Nicki and Miguel’s Christmas Wedding

Albright Hussey Wedding Photographer

The stunning Nicki and Miguel on the bridge at Albright Hussey

Winter weddings I love…..the soft winter sunlight, the challenging weather conditions, the wet, wild and windy days…I have worked in them all and each and everyone of them has been a challenge, this gorgeous couple choose December for their winter wedding, just after Christmas and before new year. This made their wedding my last of 2015, and what a way to go out. A beautiful bride and her handsome groom. Not only that they chose one of my favourite venues, the Albright Hussey, just a few miles outside of Shrewsbury and a stones throw from my studio in Ellesmere. This really is one of my local venues, one I know so very well having worked there many times, not only that I am one of the hotels few recommended photographers. Paul and his team are tireless in their pursuit of the perfect wedding day for their couples, and this was no exception…a perfect day for the perfect couple.

I met Nicki and Miguel at another wedding I captured last year, as is so often the case…in this instance it was at the wedding of Nicki’s brother,  Lee and Nicola whose wedding was at another fabulous Shropshire venue, Pim Hill Barn. Their day was equally beautiful and is well worth taking a few minutes to look through.

Getting back to this incredible wedding, these guys dug deep….you have to in winter, as I said before, it can be cold, it can be wet and it most certainly can be windy…in fact it usually is a mixture of all those things…if you want the images, you need to relax and go for it…this is exactly what Miguel and Nicki did…and I am so glad, for them, that they did.  After I sent them their images Nicki wrote me a few kind words….her words, their words, meant so much to me. You see, as I drive home, after every wedding, but especially when conditions are “taxing”….I worry, I am concerned, it’s in my nature. As one recent client said in a review of my services“…. your ability to make a couple feel that their big day is just as important to you is a truly special one.”  this was said by Lindsey and Andrew, who’s Shooter’s Hill Hall Wedding can be seen here…and who’s kind words really do sum up my feelings to each and every wedding,  so I do worry, have I done enough for my couple, did I do my best…those doubts do creep in, for modern wedding photography is very demanding, a 12 hour day is not unheard of, the equipment we use, the heavy lenses and all the flashes, lighting and so on, makes for a very physical workout….you literally walk miles. So yes, you, or rather I, do worry…so when words such as these arrive, I know I needn’t have.

Where to begin…Phil these are wonderful. I love how chilled and informal the group photos are- it was exactly what I hoped they would be. The guest photos/ ceremony ones are awesome. You really told the story of the day, managed to show the vibe of the wedding and all the emotions but most of all you understood Miguel and I and really captured the relationship we have! AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Thank you once again Nicki and Miguel, for your faith, for your trust and for being so generous with your time, your patience and also for being wonderful  🙂

If you are looking for your Albright Hussey Wedding Photographer then why not give us a call, drop us an email or pop over to facebook and send us a message there, we would love to hear all about your plans and maybe capture your wedding day in the PB way.


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