A Beautiful Shropshire Wedding at Soulton Hall


Bride and groom in monochrome outside their shropshire church

Fine art meets wedding photography as Jack and Els are surrounded by Els’s veil. The winds whirled around them in a frenetic dance of sheer magic. Sit there for a moment guys I beckoned them, trust me…they did. Love this so much. 




Sometimes I get left behind as the wedding day unfolds before my eyes, the truth of the story evolves like some whirling madness that envelops me and drags me along as the day quickly disappears into the rear view mirror. This was one of those days. Windy. Wet. Amazing. Punctuated by moments so utterly beautiful so mesmerising they will stay with me forever I am sure.

Shropshire is my home, I have made so many friends here over the years, young and old alike. This young couple are from a family who have invited me along many times now to capture weddings. I love these guys, not for what they have given to me, but for allowing me to be me. To be able to capture images that are so beautiful, so wonderful and so satisfying, is testament not to me, but to them.


The Shropshire Wedding of Els and Jack at Soulton Hall

soulton hall plays host to a shropshire wedding


Jack and Els, what can I say, two lovely beautiful people who came into my life through my love of my art. Bless them, they even changed their date for me. This doesn’t happen often but when it does it truly is so wonderful. To be asked along to their Soulton Hall Wedding and then to have them change their date, their wedding date, to have me along. Wow. That’s some testament.


Sitting here writing this makes me smile so broadly, I know they love their images, and I hope you guys do too. Here’s what Els had to say about her own journey.


I am not a Shropshire Lass – I’m a Southern girl. I was living in West Sussex when I met Jack, despite him being a Shropshire Lad he lived mostly down in Portsmouth where he was based as Jack is a Submariner in the Navy. It wasn’t exactly an Officer and a Gentleman love story, more a modern romance including Tinder haha. I was extremely new to it – persuaded by my good friend! In the first half of the week on there I struggled with it and didn’t message anyone first… later on that week I clearly found some Dutch courage and messaged this one guy, this one guy who had the best conversation, the one guy who then ask me out on a date, the only guy I ever messaged and ever went on a date…Jack!

When it came to choosing our photographer for the wedding, there was no question. Jacks brother, sister and cousin had already chosen Phil – all with the most spectacular results. There was such little doubt – we changed our wedding date to be able to have this extraordinaire. We got married in the beautiful, atmospheric and loving Church of Hadnall, followed by our reception at Soulton Hall. One thing we wanted the reception to be was a party… my goodness was it! With the wind blowing a gale, which gave Phil the opportunity to work his magic and get us some epic, moody shots, our best man’s brother playing live music and DJ Mister Fox following on to create dance floor that was never empty!

I had a dress that had everything I thought I would want and everything I thought I didn’t want on and I just loved it, my flowers were by the super talented flower fairy Julie Nicholas, hair was by Hayley Morgan and my makeup was by the gorgeous Nichola Whitcombe-Tant. We also had a videographer – Ollie at Floodgate Films and I am so glad we did.

Phil and Ollie worked together like a dream and captured some incredible moments of our day that we get to relive forever and ever

I am not sure many people can say on the day they marry their best friend, they also get a rap from the Maid of Honour and an organised flash mob. Myself and Jack count ourselves to be beyond lucky and grateful to have the love and support from all our friends and family, not only on our day but for the rest of our lives.


Bridal flowers on a window sill at soulton hall in shropshire bride tends dress at Soulton Hall in Shropshire bride tends to dress on her wedding day in shropshire bridal party at soulton hall in shropshire bride reading note at her soulton hall wedding day reflection of bride's mother at soulton hall selfie time at soulton hall wedding in shropshire bride getting ready at soulton hall in shropshire


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I do love a beautiful wedding, so if you would like to have a chat about your own special day, please do get in touch CONTACT ME