The Best Shropshire Wedding Photographer

Bride and groom take in the view whilst the best Shropshire wedding photographer captures the scene

An old friend called me a few months back to tell me he and his gorgeous bride, Mags, were to tie the knot. How could I refuse his call to action, being an avid photographer, Rob was set on exactly who should be taking his wedding day photographs and simply said….”I want the best Shropshire wedding photographer….and that’s you.” Who am I to argue!


Just Look at the view over at Arley Arboretum. Just WOW.



2019 The Year So Far


Let’s take a little look at the year so far. What a stunning year it is turning out to be too. Kicking off at the ever amazing Mill Barns where I am so proud to be a recommended supplier, and also back to Combermere Abbey for some really amazing times with an American groom and English bride. A truly international affair, then over to Liverpool to the wonderful Mere Brook House with a gorgeous couple whose day was crowned with the most spectacular rainbow alongside the Mersey River. What a truly amazing day that was.

AD LIVERPOOL WEDDING 610Dan and Andrea at their Liverpool wedding showing how to take on the rain and win. All you need is a brolly and killer shoes. 


Earlier in the year I had another wedding with a family who have become firm friends….to this date I have captured two brothers, a Sister….A cousin and a friends wedding…this is one frame from the amazing windswept day of Els and Jack. Making a return to one of my firm favourite venues, the beautiful Soulton Hall, but a few miles from my hometown of Ellesmere in Shropshire.

bride and groom portrait at Soulton Hall in Shropshire

The beautiful Els and Jack.


The Wedding Industry Awards

There really has been so much beauty, so much drama so far this year, and to top it all off one incredible couple have also nominated me for this years Wedding Industry Awards. A big massive thank you to Abi and Jonny who were married at Rowton Castle just a few days ago. My latest wedding, at the time of writing, and what a day it was. All this on the back of winning Best Uk Wedding Photographer in another award ceremony, the 3rd English Wedding Awards. Another nominated award, I am so speechless I truly am. These are Abi’s wonderful words.

“Phil is beyond talented, his work is proof of that and that’s why we used him. But on meeting him and hanging out with him all day, he really became a part of our day. He’s so friendly and gets everyone feeling relaxed so he gets the best out of them. He’s professional throughout but you still feel he’s friendly and genuinely cares.”

award winning shropshire wedding photographer

This was my message to Abi just after her wedding when I started to download their images for safely backing up, and before I knew she had so kindly nominated me.

“Hello you…thank you so much for asking me along yesterday, it was just wonderful and I cannot express how honoured I was to be asked. I have just started to download the images and back them up… I did I wanted to see if I could spot an image that spoke to me….that said this is what Abi and Johnny say to me….in the short time I have gotten to know you guys…just one image….one single frame….that says to me…who you are.

Tough call.

one card of quite a few cards, a random card with just one section of the day, even more tougher.

Not sure if you’d agree with me, but this is the image. To me this speaks volumes hope it speaks to you.”

Bride and groom embrace at Rowton Castle wedding

I absolutely adore this image. It speaks about their love, the emotion and the closeness of bond these two hearts have, and I guess Abi and Jonny thought so too. So If this sounds like what you’re looking for in a Shropshire wedding photographer, someone who captures the day in as natural and artistic a way as possible…one whose images will live beyond your wedding day, then please get in touch and let’s have a chat.


bride and groom at Walcot Hall by the best wedding photographer in Shropshireconfetti run at Plas Dinam Weddingbride and groom at Plas Dinam Wedding Daybride arrives at Shrewsbury Church image taken by the best wedding photographer in Shropshirebride and groom at Plas Dinam Weddingbride getting ready image taken by the best wedding photographer in Shropshirebride and groom at Soulton Hall, image taken by the best wedding photographer in Shropshirebride getting ready at Soulton Hall image taken by the best wedding photographer in Shropshirebride and bridesmaid at Mill Barns Wedding Venue, image taken by the best wedding photographer in ShropshireBridesmaid singing at Church, image taken by the best wedding photographer in Shropshirebeautiful flower girl at Church, image taken by the best wedding photographer in ShropshireBride and groom at Mill Barns Wedding Venue, image taken by the best wedding photographer in Shropshirethe best wedding photographer in Shropshirebride and groom at Shrewsbury Church, image taken by the best wedding photographer in Shropshirebride and groom at Mill Barns Wedding VenueBride and Groom at Mill Barns Wedding VenueHugs at a church wedding in ShropshireGroom and Groomsmen at Arley Arboretum in a Worcestershire wedding wedding photographer in shropshire 178colwedding photographer in north wales c10walcot hall wedding 24mill barns wedding 10 2walcot hall wedding 27walcot hall wedding 26walcot hall wedding 23walcot hall wedding 22walcot hall wedding 21walcot hall wedding 15walcot hall wedding 29walcot hall wedding 10walcot hall wedding 31mill barns wedding 03walcot hall wedding 08Shropshire wedding photographer 04bmill barns wedding 10 15walcot hall wedding 03plas dinam wedding 01soulton hall wedding 04arley arboretum wedding 08Shropshire wedding photographer j01asoulton hall wedding 08bwShropshire wedding photographer e01awalcot hall wedding 19AD LIVERPOOL WEDDING 718Shropshire wedding photographer 07bmill barns wedding 09Mill Barns wedding photographer 03rowton castle wedding 02plas dinam wedding 05Liverpool wedding photographer 02plas dinam wedding 03mill barns wedding 10 18plas dinam wedding 02Shropshire wedding photographer g01aplas dinam wedding 04North Wales wedding photographer 01amytton and mermaid wedding 02amytton and mermaid wedding 02walcot hall wedding 21Mill Barns wedding photographer in shropshire b1Mill Barns wedding photographer 06Mill Barns wedding photographer 04Bride and groom take a stroll alongside the River Mersey in Liverpoolbest Shropshire wedding photographer with bride and groom at Mill Barnsmill barns wedding 07mill barns wedding 02Liverpool wedding photographer 12Liverpool wedding photographer 08Liverpool wedding photographer 06Liverpool wedding photographer 03arley arboretum wedding 10arley arboretum wedding 02AD LIVERPOOL WEDDING 569The grand Ballroom with bride and groom at a beautiful Walcot Hall Weddingconfetti at a beautiful Walcot Hall WeddingAD LIVERPOOL WEDDING 723Bride and groom facing the storm in Liverpoolbride and groom on their first dance at Mere Brook House, LiverpoolBride and her daughter in shropshire Bride and groom at Adcote School in Shropshire

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