Shropshire Wedding Photography

Bride and groom take in the view whilst the best Shropshire wedding photographer captures the scene

An old friend called me a few months back to tell me he and his gorgeous bride, Mags, were to tie the knot. How could I refuse his call to action, being an avid photographer, Rob was set on exactly who should be taking his wedding day photographs and simply said….”I want the best Shropshire wedding photographer….and that’s you.” Who am I to argue!


Just Look at the view over at Arley Arboretum. Just WOW.


2019 A Year In Review

It’s been quite a special year, one that has seen me push myself in various competitions to be awarded some incredible plaudits from amazing sections of this wonderful industry. To be included in the top 100 wedding photographers on the “This Is Reportage” photographers website site, is no mean feat. A recognition I have worked so hard for and one that truly is so gratefully received, this along with several other awards have truly added to my desire to push myself ever more into the true documentary approach I have become increasingly know for. Yes I will always aim for those big, hang on the wall, pieces of art that have always made up my portfolio, but at the same time, the more intimate, loving and fleeting moments, also play a massive part too.

All it leaves me to say is a massive thank you to all my gorgeous couples for their continued faith and trust in what I do. I may not be the youngest, most hip and cool photographer in the industry, but I hope you will see past my wrinkles into the heart of a truly creative soul that always has my couples best interests central to what I do.

Something I hope, and pray, I do well….but perhaps I will leave you guys to be the judge of that…please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Feedback on my work is always appreciated, especially as when being so close to what you do….it is hard to see past the flaws of which, I am sure….there are many.




shropshire documentary wedding photographer
The beautiful bride steps out at Combermere Abbey.
shropshire documentary wedding photographer
The bride and her flower girl daughter sharing a truly beautiful moment.
Cheshire documentary wedding photographer
A sign of the times perhaps? A truly thought provoking image indeed.
shropshire documentary wedding photographer
Andrea’s final steps to her beautiful wedding.

My Shropshire Wedding Year


Although awards are nice to get, they are certainly hard to come by that much is true, however, as cheesy as it sounds, the true award comes from what I do and for whom I do it for….you guys.

I say this and keep saying this, year after year…and now as I start into a brand new decade of PbArtWorks, I am still here….still saying it and still meaning it.

Thank you.

Below is just a collection of images from my year, these are NOT a “best off”….they are merely a reflection of a year spent….spent in the company of beautiful hearts, wonderful souls and serve as a collection of memories, times that are now in the past.

Here’s to the future and all your futures of husbands and wives yet to be.

Love to you all.

Phil xx