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2018: The Journey

bridal party make their way to the Church in Shropshire


Well, I guess it’s been another of those incredible years, one that has seen me back at many of my wonderful recommended venues capturing so many beautiful moments. It has been a joy….truly it has. After last year’s close brush with the dreaded C, it was wonderful to start the year on renewed optimism, and health. My year has been cancer free….and in all honesty,  freed from the constraints of worry and with a new perspective on life…my work has never been better. At least I don’t think so…and neither do the fine people over at the amazing English Wedding Awards where I was awarded “photographer of the year” 2018!!!

Third English Wedding Awards 2018

shropshire wedding photographer wins national award

You can read more about this little award here > WINNER!!

I still have some amazing weddings to edit, mostly from the hazy month of December, so I promise I will be sure to update this little collection just as soon as I can. All this really now leaves me to do is to thank my couples…all my amazing and wonderful couples.

Thank you.

Thank you for your trust, your hearts and your abundant love for what I do. 

I know it’s a cliche but I truly do love what I do. I capture and encompass so many feelings, they overwhelm, inspire and embrace me. Each smile, every tear, the hugs the hand holding….the embraces, the sheer act of being human….this, to me is what being a wedding photographer is all about. This is me….and I make no apologies for being so aware and so intune with my ethos and what I set out to do.

I love weddings and I love those that allow me to join with them on their journey.

Now it’s over to a few images I have carefully chosen to echo everyone’s wedding I have been part of…I would love to add an image from every single wedding, and believe me I have tried, if anyone is missing…please accept my apologies…I just have so many wonderful moments to share and these images say more about you guys than words ever could.

Here’s to all the tears, the hugs and the sincerity of real imagery….real moments and real joy.

Please be sure to check out the little short slideshow to give you a flavour of my 2018 journey.


Now it’s all about 2019 and those wonderful souls who have asked me along to capture their day….telling their story, their way, every step of the way….here’s to you guys….and here’s the Long Story,


Shropshire wedding photographer captures tender moment between newly wedsCar leaving a Church in North Wales with bride and groom Shropshire wedding photographer captures bride during makeup