:A French Combermere Abbey Wedding:




With it’s distinct floral architecture and stunning glass house, Combermere Abbey, situated on the borders of Shropshire and Cheshire, is an amazingly beautiful venue in which to get married, or indeed, have your reception. Ashley and Piers was my second visit to Combermere this year and I have already made one return visit with another wedding coming up this next weekend….and each time I return, the colours, textures and vibrancy, of this venue never ceases to amaze me. I met up with this fabulous couple the day before their wedding….although I like to meet up with clients…and even do a pre wedding shoot occasionally….these guys showed why it isn’t always necessary….the ultimate in relaxed and chilled people, with a total trust in me as their photographer, meant we just had a blast.

Thank you so much to Ashley and Piers French for being….just amazing.

Not to forget all their family and friends too…who were all just fantastic:)

What a great day.

If you are getting married at Combermere Abbey, then please get in touch and have a chat about your own special Combermere day.

Combermere Abbey Wedding

Combermere Abbey Wedding Combermere Abbey Wedding Combermere Abbey Wedding Combermere Abbey Wedding


by Shropshire Documentary Wedding Photographer Phil Barrett BA(hons)

I’m going to be loving this image for a long time to come…..the expression, the sheer delight, the anticipation….the nerves….the beauty that is a bride on her wedding day.

Moments come all to briefly and within a heartbeat they are gone.

THAT is what I love about weddings…..the moment….living in that moment and capturing it to see time and time again.


Shropshire Documentary Wedding Photographer







2015…A Vintage Year

by A Creative Shropshire Photographer Who Happens To Capture Weddings

Shropshire Wedding Photographer

A very odd title for a blog….one might think seeing as we are still very much in 2015….and you’d be right, but those of you who follow me over on facebook will know I have been adding images to a folder from the very start of this year, it has been an incredible year, one that has seen me working from the smallest, most intimate of weddings in the village of Tetchill….right through to the grandest of castles at Peckforton, and just about everywhere in between. Thornton Manor, Sweeney Hall, Bryn Tanat, Lake Vyrnwy…indeed places far and wide.


I have worked with amazing couples at each and every wedding assignment….to say I am blessed is a gross understatement…superlatives are often abounded by people in the wedding industry, so I won’t disrespect any of my couples by simply telling them they are awesome….stunning…etc …what I will do is let their images speak for them. They know how I feel about each and everyone of them, gratitude runs deep…..my couples allow me to do what I love, and I love what I do. Capturing these times…these moments…these simple effortless images, are what I strive to do at each and every wedding.

Please enjoy a few frames from this years journey….it has been a fantastic year…and 2016 looks equally incredible with a wedding in Spain (destination photographer…yay!!) and many other incredible couples to work with and capture their special day in the PB way!





Shropshire Wedding Photographer Cheshire Wedding Photographer Shropshire Wedding Photographer Shropshire Wedding Photographer Shropshire Wedding Photographer Shropshire Wedding Photographer Shropshire Wedding Photographer Combermere Abbey Wedding

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A Creative Shropshire Commercial Photographer


Shropshire Commercial Photographer

It’s not often I get an image I wish I had of my own Father…..in fact it’s fair to say I never do and never will…..sadly he passed away before I developed as a photographer, I have a painting I did of him in my previous life as an illustrator, but I would give anything to have an image of him that said something to me about the man he was.

This is a portrait of Mr Davis, this gentleman set up, along with his Wife, Lakeside Coaches in Ellesmere. I have been working alongside Mr Davis’s Son, Gareth to get some images for their new website. I had a chance to capture a few “staged” portraits of Mr Davis sitting behind his desk…..but then I suggested taking Mr Davis outside, and this was the result, away from the confines of a small room, behind an anonymus desk, out into the yard of the company he and his family built, his portrait came alive. This….to me, speaks volumes.

:A Stunning Pimhill Barn Wedding Day:

by Shropshire Wedding Photographer PbArtWorks

pimhill barn wedding

Well….where do I start…images speak a thousand words, or so they say, and images abound when I get to work at venues such as the stunning Pimhill Barn. Nestled in the Shropshire fields, just north of the county town of Shrewsbury lies Pimhill…..a perfect setting  for Lian and Lee’s perfect day. Surrounded by what can only be described as a riotous crowd of family and friends, the scene was set for an amazing and fun filled wedding day. Lian looked amazing and radiant as she prepared to meet Lee at the Barn….the facilities afforded by Pimhill for bridal preperations is simply gorgeous, ajoining the equally beautiful gardens is a small and perfectly equipped cottage come barn conversion, it lies nestled between the main house and the Pimhill barn itself.  Just a short walk away to the eagerly waiting, family and friends. This was a day I had looked forward to for an absolute age….Lian and I first met during my brief flirtation with breakfast network meetings. I had obviously left an impression on her when we first chatted at the 4N networking group in Shrewsbury. This was sometime ago, probably as far back as 2010 when I started out on this journey as a creative photographer….little did I know then that this was to lead to capturing Lian’s special day. I have worked with many beautiful and stunning brides over the past 5 years, and I can honestly say, without a moments pause, that it has been an incredible journey working with all these fabulous couples to capture their wedding days . Working as a Shropshire Wedding Photographer, with story telling and creativity at the heart of everything I do, can, sometimes, be a lonely world…but it is people like Lian and Lee….that keep me going.

I revel in a wedding day environment with all it’s many facets and beautiful, timelsss, moments. This wedding was no different, Lian’s and Lees special day has bucket loads of heart and soul….of emotions and laughter and a deep seated love that is all to obvious to those around them to not see.


Thank you Lian and Lee for inviting me along to share it and to enable me to enjoy your memories with you.


pimhill barn weddings Pimhill Barn Wedding Pimhill Barn Wedding Pimhill Barn Wedding pimhill barn wedding pimhill barn wedding pimhill barn wedding pimhill barn wedding

I would love to hear from you and if you are planning a pimhill barn wedding then please feel free to get in touch and maybe we can create some amazing moments for your wedding day too.

Phil Barrett BA(hons) is an award winning Shropshire photographer based in the beautiful North Shrophire town of Ellesmere. His studio is right beside the gorgeous mere in a idyllic white cottage, if you would like to come and see Phil there to go through some ideas for your special day please do get in touch.