A Stunning Combermere Abbey Autumnal Wedding

Combermere Abbey Wedding Photographer

Julia and Rory
Combermere Abbey Wedding Photographer



What a fabulous venue Combermere Abbey truly is. A real gem set on the Shropshire/Cheshire borders with it’s own mere and stunning gardens. This was to be the chosen setting for Julia and Rory to make their wedding vows. It was a bitterly cold day, as you would expect in the back end of November, but at least it didn’t rain, which, given the weather we have had recently is saying something:) Julia and Rory are one of my couples that I never actually met before their wedding day. This flies on the face of all the reports that couples need a pre wedding shoot and is one of the reasons I started to remove my complementary pre wedding shoots some time ago. If you are going to “click” with your couples, you will just “click” and a pre wedding shoot isn’t really necessary. Sure they are fun and you can get some amazing images by doing one…but in  my experience they really aren’t required. Having said that, I still do offer them and will gladly include a “pre wedding experience shoot” for any of my couples who feel they will benefit from one. Back to the wedding. Relaxed is my middle name….chilled my first and core blimey what a cracking image my last….just kidding. But seriously I do have a total blast with my couples…and I loved every last minute of my time with this fab couple and their amazing group of family and friends…I really don’t think Julia’s Dad stopped smiling the whole day (check out the speech shots)….Rory was a total gent on the day, he was frozen…seriously cold in his kilt….and suffering somewhat on the day too. So the fact he dug deep and carried on for his stunning Wife is testament to his Rugby playing spirit. You see….and I’m sure he won’t mind my mentioning this, Rory comes from a Rugby playing background, having reached the heights, along with his brother, of the national Scotland squad. Hence the time of year for their wedding….there was a little competition on last year, that involved that wonderful egg shaped ball 😉

Right enough of my ramblings, I will leave you to enjoy what was a stunning wedding day, full on laughter and with two of the most loveliest people getting married that day:)

If you are looking for your Cheshire, Shropshire photographer or indeed if you are getting married at Combermere Abbey, please get in touch and lets have a little chat.


Combermere Abbey Wedding Photographer Combermere Abbey Wedding Photographer Combermere Abbey Wedding Photographer Combermere Abbey Wedding Photographer Combermere Abbey Wedding Photographer Combermere Abbey Wedding Photographer
Combermere Abbey Wedding Photographer Combermere Abbey Wedding Photographer Combere Mere Abbey Wedding Photographer Combermere Abbey Wedding Photographer Combermere Abbey Wedding Photographer

Combermere Abbey Wedding Photographer

A Beautiful Shooters Hill Hall Wedding

2016-02-05_0130Words often do fail me when trying to put into those words the emotions and feelings felt on the day of a wedding, Lindsey and Andrew’s day was no different in that respect, it was a lovely day, it was a stunning May weekend set on the bank holiday and the sun shone brightly at Shooter’s Hill Hall. It was a mighty bit breezy at times, if I recall, but apart from that, the day…weather wise, was rather uneventful. Just soft…glorious, sun. Sunny enough for a quick jaunt into a field of softly swaying young wheat as we drove the short drive from the Church back to Shooters . I had spied this field on a trip out to see Andrew’s home village and the beautiful Church where Lindsey and Andrew were to get married. A gorgeous spired church set in the heart of Shropshire countryside at the sleepy village of Clive. I love that name….it is one I know well, my long, dear departed Dad was called Clive…and so has a sense of familiarity to it…a sense of belonging perhaps. A “hook” if you like…one that invests my sense of duty and belonging just that little bit more. Not, as I am sure all my couples will testify, that it is needed, but it just makes this that little bit more special to me.

Anyway, on with the amazing day that was the wedding.

I really do dislike all those words…awesome…cute…stunning…etc as they mean very little at the end of the day, they are just words. I am much more inclined to let my images speak for themselves and leave you, the visitor, the viewer and the critic, to let me know what you truly feel about these.

Personally I love them, well I would…but with each passing wedding, with each new couple, I feel I just dig that little deeper into the lives and connections my couples share, with each other and with their family and friends. To me that is what a decent photojournalist should endeavour to do. Get under the surface of the wedding and show it for what it truly is. A celebration of love and the joining of two families, I do hope I succeed in doing just that, I truly try each and every time, but that old same doubt creeps back in to my mind as I sit down to back up and safely store my images from that days wedding, it is only when I have edited the images, delivered them and then get words like these in my inbox that I know my challenge for that day has been won.

“Where to begin…Phil these are wonderful. I love how chilled and informal the group photos are- it was exactly what I hoped they would be. The guest photos/ ceremony ones are awesome. You really told the story of the day, managed to show the vibe of the wedding and all the emotions but most of all you understood Miguel and I and really captured the relationship we have! AMAZING!!!!!!!!”


Albright Hussey WeddingNicki and Miguel


(my final wedding of 2015 and one soon to be blogged)

So please don’t be shy, leave me your thoughts below and if you are considering pbartworks for your Shropshire wedding photographer or indeed your Shooter’s Hill Hall wedding photographer, please drop me an email, ping me a message or give me a call, and maybe I can help you capture your memories in the timeless, creative Pb Way.






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Shooters Hill Hall Wedding Shooters Hill Hall Wedding Shooters Hill Hall Wedding Shooters Hill Hall Wedding photographer Shooters Hill Hall Wedding Shooters Hill Hall Wedding Shooters Hill Hall Wedding Shooters Hill Hall Wedding Shooters Hill Hall Wedding photographer Shooters Hill Hall Wedding Shooters Hill Hall Wedding Shooters Hill Hall Wedding Shooters Hill Hall Wedding






  • Lindsey - This is beautiful Phil.

    You captured the happiness of our day absolutely perfectly and every time I look at my photographs, I’m transported back to that feeling straight away. You captured so many of our best memories of the day, but also bits that we didn’t remember or didn’t get to see – which are just as important!

    We can’t thank you enough for your dedication, professionalism, and your hard work. Your enthusiasm for your profession shines through in every photograph, and your ability to make a couple feel that their big day is just as important to you is a truly special one.

    Thank you, again, for everything. xxxReplyCancel

    • Phil - Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean everything.

      Look forward to seeing you and presenting you with your beautiful album soon xxReplyCancel

2015, A Vintage Year Being A Wedding Photographer in Shropshire

..or Blimey…that was one heck of a year!

Thornton Manor wedding photographer

Well we are here…finally I have reached the end of all my 2015 weddings and what an amazing journey it has been as a creative wedding photographer based in Shropshire. A real rollercoaster of good times and great times, I have revisited many old favourites in the past 12 months and visited many new favourites too. 2015 has been an incredible year for me, a truly vintage one!! I have so many wonderful images and weddings to share with you guys and many more to come for 2016, including a wonderful trip to Spain which I will make sure I blog in it’s entirety, that will be one amazing adventure.

What struck me over this past 12 months, apart from the ever changing watermark / come logo, yes…I do have issues making my damn mind up, but I think I have settled on a new logo now, well for the next few weeks anyway, is just what a blessed life I lead, I work alongside some of the most beautiful people I have ever had the pleasure to meet and I capture them and their loved ones for all eternity.

I do this with a soul that is wrapped up in distant memories that I hold dear, those of my family, my loved ones that are still here, and those who’s voices I miss every single day.

Photography is an art in the truest sense of the meaning, it is about capturing the essence of a moment in time, the feelings, the smiles, the tears….then having that moment portrayed through a two dimensional graph of light, printed into a book, viewed on a screen or hung on a wall.

As time passes those moments, those memories, will become more precious…it is that what you are purchasing when you commission a photographer, to me, that is priceless.

I can only thank everyone who has entrusted your memories to pbartworks for being such fabulous people to get to know, I now count you all as dear friends, for being part of our year and for making one old artisan a happy chap, and not just my wedding couples either, a special thank you must also go out to my commercial clients, my studio clients and my ever supportive network of industry associates, some of whom have been so complementary to me, and that is also, priceless.

Please be a little patient as this is rather a long post…so there may be a little delay in some of the images loading….but I think it’s worth waiting for:)


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Goldstone Hall Wedding Albright Hussey Wedding

What a year…if you would like to chat to Phil about your special day…please feel free to contact us using the contact button above, pop over to facebook

or give us a ring on 01691 622842,

Look forward to hearing all about your special day and hopefully working with you.

Venues Featured above include

The Sweeney Hall

Comberemere Abbey

Iscoyd Park

Thornton Manor 

Albright Hussey

Albrighton Hall

:A French Combermere Abbey Wedding:




With it’s distinct floral architecture and stunning glass house, Combermere Abbey, situated on the borders of Shropshire and Cheshire, is an amazingly beautiful venue in which to get married, or indeed, have your reception. Ashley and Piers was my second visit to Combermere this year and I have already made one return visit with another wedding coming up this next weekend….and each time I return, the colours, textures and vibrancy, of this venue never ceases to amaze me. I met up with this fabulous couple the day before their wedding….although I like to meet up with clients…and even do a pre wedding shoot occasionally….these guys showed why it isn’t always necessary….the ultimate in relaxed and chilled people, with a total trust in me as their photographer, meant we just had a blast.

Thank you so much to Ashley and Piers French for being….just amazing.

Not to forget all their family and friends too…who were all just fantastic:)

What a great day.

If you are getting married at Combermere Abbey, then please get in touch and have a chat about your own special Combermere day.

Combermere Abbey Wedding

Combermere Abbey Wedding Combermere Abbey Wedding Combermere Abbey Wedding Combermere Abbey Wedding